Legendary Valve Amplifier from Japan.  We are very proud to represent Airtight in UK.

If you value musicality above all else, Airtight is your dream come true.

The vast range of Airtight Start from the AM-201H, EL84 base integrated amplifier all the way up to astounding 120W output  211 Triode ATM-3211 mono bloc.

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Airtight Cartridge



"the P7 provides so much of the high-priced sound that it qualifies as a genuine bargain - and a real find for music lovers"

The Absolute Sound,

Airtight PC-1


the PC-1 isn’t just very quiet and highly detailed; it’s unusually fast.

In addition to its world-class distortion, resolution, and speed, the PC-1 is also extremely natural in timbre for a moving coil.

The Absolute Sound,

PC-1 Supreme


"No other moving-coil design that I've heard boasts the refinement, punch, and detail of the Air Tight. Encased in a gold body, it represents the state of the art. On LP after LP, the Air Tight excavated a wealth of information in LPs that had previously been obscured by noise or distortion".

Airtight Opus 1


"For that kind of money, you’re gonna want to listen to the competition, none of which sound much like the Opus-1".