AMG V12 Turntable System

"From the bass right through the ceiling, this record player/cartridge is capable of extraordinary low-level resolution, natural timbre, lightning transients, and (as noted) the kind of 3-D imaging that makes instrument and voices—wherever they are located on the stage—“pop” into lifelike presence, replete with the realism-enhancing performance"

—  The Absolute Sound, Review

AMG V12 Package

Include 12 J2 Tonearm


AMG Giro Package

Include 9W2 Tonearm


AMG V12 Turbo

The Ultimate Pacakge


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AMG V12 J2 Tonearm

Top Class Engineering


AMG 9W2 Tonearm

"drop-in" option for Linns


AMG Teatro

MC Cartridge


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