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Lumin has been a big player in the digital market for many years now, the brand is well known for the A1 Network player which, at the time, has stir up the "one box" streamer player market in a big way.  The wide range that cover most of potentail buyer's buget.  The latest model are now offer Leedh Technology (loss less volume output) which is similar technology that use the the ultra Hiend brand like Soulution add even more value appeal.
Hot Products from Lumin are the D2 and U1 Mini.
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Lateral Audio Stands

Audio racks can make a different to the sound, in most cases though, make a different doesn’t mean improvement.   We are pleased to be working with Kevin at Lateral Audio Stands as his stands can seriously improve the overall sound of your system.  The latest LAS-CC contact component support also an ears opener products that will give you a better sound for small(ish) out lay. 



Soulution is the most prestige High end Audio brand we have ever come across.  Recently, Soulution has added the 3 series range to their well respected catalogue which make buying into the brand become more realistic to many.  The 7 series remain the pinnacle of Audiophile play back however, to this pair of ears there is no digital play back machine can come close to the 760 DAC while the 711 power amplifier will stun you with real life dynamic and resolution. 




Maxonic has such a cult followers around the world and while their amplification are superb, the maxonic speakers are like no others.  If you want the feeling of live music where every inches of your listening room are filled with sound, close your eyes and you could be at the open air festival or middle row of royal Albert hall yet everything sound right and accurate then this is the only pair of speakers that can fulfil your dream.  Nothing else can compare!

Maxonic speakers