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Synergistic Research Purple fuse


The new Purple Fuse surpasses Synergistic Research's Orange Fuse with technology initially developed for the state-of-the-art SRX Series cables. In fact, before two last-minute breakthrough SRX technologies, SR could not better the Orange Fuse with its impossible combination of detail and rich harmonic musicality. As a result, SR were set to forgo a new fuse introduction for 2022 as SR could not build anything better sounding than Orange despite two years of trying. It was not until SR finalized two new technologies, namely a three-stage long duration high voltage conditioning process and a brand new UEF compound featuring Graphene, that SR were able to beat the Orange Fuse significantly. Together these new technologies create a larger soundstage with better image focus and higher resolution from a perceived lowering of the noise floor.

Of all the fuse generations and refinements SR has pioneered over the past decade, the new Purple Fuses are by far the best sounding and take the single greatest leap in performance over previous generations. All aspects of subjective sound quality get enhanced, including natural sound where instruments and vocals sound inherently right, dynamics, low-level detail, high-frequency extension, and smoothness all take a massive leap forward.

13A slow blow, large (6.3x32mm) are in stock, please call us if you would like different size or spec.

£190 Each


Synergistic Research Orange fuse


The new ORANGE Quantum Fuse is a direct result of technology Synergistic Research first developed for the Limited Edition Galileo SX PowerCell. At its core are new UEF Technologies and a completely new multi-stage high voltage treatment process for the lowest noise floor of any fuse SR has ever manufactured. In fact, ORANGE is by far the most significant leap in performance across five fuse generations.

Subjective improvements include better timbral accuracy where separate instruments and voices take on a new degree of life-like realism. Other benefits over prior SR fuses include a larger soundstage with greater depth, width, and front-to-back layering. Musicality or the presence of increased detail without a hint of fatigue is off the charts for extended listening that is never harsh despite being our highest resolution fuse to date.

13A slow blow, large (6.3x32mm) are in stock, please call us if you would like different size or spec.

£140 Each