Wolf Von Langa WVL 12639 SON

High-End Loudspeaker System


"I was simply floored with the extent to which the system convinced me that the singers were actually in the room with me. It’s not just about reach-out-and-touch imaging but also about the sense of listening to real flesh and blood musicians along with their instruments, all fleshed out right before you"

True greatness comes from within

Just as a singer’s voice has little to do with the size of his body, the physical size of the brand new SON has little to do with its sound. The acoustic furniture, which is only about 90 cm high and equipped with a field coil loudspeaker, is soundwise among the biggest.
As a result of the fine-tuned combination of a unique field coil speaker with an ultra-fast high-frequency driver, music played through the SON fills the room with sound, while the technology takes a back seat. The perfect execution of the finest components, accomplished in the Wolf von Langa workplace, will delight; and in conjunction with their award-worthy designs, they will fit nicely in any an upscale residential ambiance. The SON is a perfect speaker for the living room, the music room, the library, or any place in the home where people like to enjoy the sound of their own favorite music. Played loud as quiet, the SON is the right speaker for you.
Three ways in FC-HRP technology (Field Coil current-controlled woofer with passive radiator according to the Helmholtz
Resonator Principle) and Jet tweeter with excellent impulse
behavior due to the best mass-surface ratio.

Frequency response
25 Hz – 30,000 Hz ± 3 dB (high efficiency, therefore already
excellent to operate with low amplifier power).
Power rating
150 Watts limiting continuous power
1500 Watt peak power handling (10 ms)
8 Ohms
95 dB / 1 W / 1m
Finish Enclosure
Optionally high-gloss white and black.
Acoustic bamboo on request. Highfrequency panel transparent polished.