High-End Loudspeaker System


2-way High-End Loudspeaker System with reasonable size for living rooms. State-of-the-art FC technology. Unique open
construction for cleanest impulse processing and a real bass.
The AUDIO FRAME series sets new standards in authentic music playback.

System Modular - Fullrange Twin-Cone Module. Two low frequency modules. A massive and warp-free base.
Material High-density fibreboard (acoustically inert) with double-sided PMMA coating. Aluminum support frame.
HDF U-Frame with aluminum struts.
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Low/mid frequency module: 482 x 417 x 300 mm
Fullrange module: 482 x 290 x 300 mm
Fullrange module: 482 x 417 x 300 mm optional
Weight 84 kg
Frequency response: 35 Hz - 16,000 Hz ± 3 dB (high efficiency, therefore already excellent to operate with low amplifier power).
Power rating: 150 Watts limiting continous power 1000 Watt peak power handling (10 ms)
Impedance 8 Ohms
Efficiency 95 dB / 1 W / 1m
Modules Fullrange State-of-the-art Field Coil current control and optimized magnetic field geometry. Extremely powerful drive for best dynamics, attention to detail and control.
Low frequency: Low frequency drivers in open design do not even stimulate audible vibration and flow noise. This concept
is considered ideal for the cleanest impulse processing and a proper bass.
Network: Low and mid-high range are discreetly separated from each other. Only selected and strictly selected components make it onto the loudspeakers‘ low-resonance circuit boards.
Terminals: Four pieces WBT NextGen Plasma Protect pure copper terminals for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Two shorting bridges are required for two-pole loudspeaker cables.
Finish Enclosure High-gloss black. Front and rear cloth grilles for low frequency modules are included in the scope of deliver