Plinius Koru phono stage

Ex-Demo, black, very low hours, one year warranty . superb value for money 

£1,995 (RRP £3,400)

The Koru phono preamplifier is presented in the Ross Stevens inspired curved chassis, with a slight twist. The chassis is actually two-in-one, allowing physical separation of the power supply from the amplification circuitry.

The power supply boasts a virtual battery approach with over 100,000 micro Farads of capacitance and very sophisticated 2 stage regulation. This ensures the lowest impedance and consequently extreme accuracy of power delivery to the amplification stages.

"The expansive sound stage gives each instrument and voice plenty of space to breathe. Background noise levels are low too, making the use of ultra low output cartridges a real possibility.

Change genre to the likes of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run and the Plinius is happy to rock along. Tracks charge along with momentum, the Koru delivers masses of insight, yet communicates every gram of emotion in the process.

This phono stage may be an analysis king, but it never forgets that musical enjoyment is paramount.

Sure, this is a great deal of money to spend on a phono stage, but provided the rest of your system is good enough, the Koru won't disappoint."

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