Ex-demo & Part Exchange


YBA Passion Pre amp, ex-demo, excellent all round, superb sound Please call us for the price

YBA Passion power amp, ex-demo, unbeatable sound per pound  Please call for the price

YBA Signature Pre amp - As new, low hours demo unit, superb resolution without fatigue.Please call for the price

YBA Signature Power amp - Excellent all round, power house yet liquid and open.  Please call for the price

Clef Conductor LP PhonoStage - with separate power supply - You can't buy a better phono-stage for the price.  £800 (£1,295)

ART Deco 6 Speakers - For those who love the "LIVE" sound, tubes friendly too, in excellent condition with original boxes.  £2295 (£6,500)


​​​​​​​​​​​Ziro Audio Disclosure Speakers Cable - 2.5 Metre pair, my own set, just over a year old, amazing resolution £1,295 (£2,500)

Kii Three Speakers - Ex-demo, one or two marks, 12 month warranty, including Kii speakers stands, outstanding sound £sold (£13,000)

Crayon Audio cfa-1.2 - Ex-demo, as new, single ended tube sound in a convenience, solid-state form.  £2,495 (£4,500)

Benchmark AHB2 - Ex-demo with 12 month warranty, this is the Little amp that could!  Jaw dropping sound £sold (£2,395)

​Ikeda Kai MC Cartridge - Ex-demo, less than 100 hours, one of the best if not the best! £sold (£5,795)

​Soulution 720 Pre Amplifier - One of my favourite amp ever, just incredible £sold (£28,000)

Soulution 710 Power Amplifier - The Holy Grail! £sold (£38,000)

Ref 3A Episode Loudspeaker - Gorgeous mid with pinpoint imaging precision that far beyond price point £2,495 (£5,500)

Vertex Hirez Taga distribution block - 6 ways in as new condition, serious improvement!  £1,195 (£2,400)

Vertex Silver Plus Jaya - One of the very best!  Open up sound stage, firmer bass, less glare, as new! £676 (£425)

Vertex Moncayo Speaker Cables - 3 metre pair (4 Absorption blocks), WBT Spades to Nordost Z Plug, stunning improvement! £895 (£1,690)