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A Great Accessory for Vinyl Lovers


"These seemingly simple turntable mats and record clamps offer great sonic improvements to vinyl replay."

Hexmat at Winters Audio

There have been many brands that have made turntable mats and clamps but to our ears no other offerings make as much of an improvement as Hexmat products. Easy to use and incredibly cost effective, give us a call to discuss which one would be best for you.

Yellow Bird Isolator


The hexagonal mat design features 15 small contact points on each side that are embedded into the polymer mat. The contact points support the record and couple to the platter to significantly reduce unwanted residual stylus noise within the vinyl.

Our Price £125

Yellow Bird.jpeg

Eclipse Isolator


With smaller contact 'spheres' and a bespoke blended polymer material exclusive to Hexmat, the Eclipse Isolator significantly improves on the performance of the Yellow Bird.

Our Price £240

Eclipse front.jpeg

Molecula Record Clamp


This record clamp features six 7mm diameter translucent spheres with a special coating. The clamp is made from the same special polymer used in the Eclipse mat to provide excellent resonance reduction. Easy to use and very low weight so no increased wear on turntable bearings.

Our Price £120

Molekula 2.jpeg

Molecula Mini Record Clamp


For for Regas or other turntables with shorter spindle lengths, the mini clamp uses six 3mm spheres to reduce overall height.

Our Price £120

Molekula Mini.jpeg

Hexmat Alignment Tool

A great alignment tool for VTA, Azimuth and ONP. Don't forget, if you use one of the mats, you will need to reset your VTA.

Our Price £45

Alignment Tool.jpeg

The Winters Audio Experience

When is an Accessory Not...?

Good thinking is not an accessory that's for sure. And neither are, in performance terms, these Hexmat products. What has happened here is the introduction of a game-changer in the way we deal with the problem of vibration energy within the vinyl material of our records as we play them. Hexmat have approached the problem differently with materials, but most crucially, in the introduction of small contact points rather than a flat, uniform mat or clamp. 

In listening terms, the performance jump is more a leap – particularly with the Eclipse mat. Yes frequency response and tonality are improved, as is imaging, but the shocking revelation is the improvement of musical organisation, delineation if you will, between all the elements and strands of the music. Syncopated timing, the different characters of different instruments and performers, and the gradated scale of dynamics are so much better it's almost ridiculous.

In terms of the competition out there too, we would suggest you take a look at this review by Paul Rigby who carries out an extensive comparison test of the Eclipse – which comes out on top of course.

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