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Howard Sosna became interested in stereo equipment at an early age, building speakers and Heathkit electronic components for himself along the way. In 1990, Howard entered the audio industry as a consultant for several well known high-end audio companies.
Joe Kubala has also been involved with audio equipment since college. After graduating with an engineering degree, Joe became more involved with the technical aspects of audio through an electronics course along with designing and bread-boarding a few DC power supplies and amplifier circuits.
Howard and Joe became friends through their passion for audio and loved to assist each other to make improvements to their respective systems. Howard had a particular interest in cables and had begun creating his own which were considered better than anything they were compared to in their local audiophile community.
A decision was made to focus on bringing the new cable designs to market. Extensive prototype development was complimented with comprehensive listening & refining. It was plainly evident from the performance of the new designs that they were out-performing every cable they were compared with. In a series of blind tests with accomplished audiophiles, several mid-generation cable designs were tested against some very expensive and well-respected reference cables. These sessions confirmed that the performance of the new designs were real.
After additional refinement and testing, the final design was arrived at. Named OptimiZ™ Architecture, this new patent-pending design serves as the foundation for the RevolutionZ™ series of cables. Kubala Sosna cables are considered to be among the best performing audio cables in the world today, irrespective of price and are a permanent feature in some of the most accomplished audiophile systems in the world.
Many audiophiles believe that when used throughout an entire system, Kubala Sosna cables are unsurpassed in their performance. When used in conjunction with other top cables, they most often improve the performance of that system in significant ways.
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"I must tell you that even a meter of Sensation in a circuit of other brands plays extremely well.  It boosts the performance of all comers and is not picky partner. I tried them with van den Hul, Kimber Select, Jorma, other Kubala-Sosna, Wywire, and UIT, and all were musically enhanced in a circuit with the Sensation. I found this a very special attribute. The Sensation never failed to get every musical parameter absolutely right with every type of music I call a reference!"
Kubala-Sosna Sensation Interconnects Review
"The Expressions present music without noticeable boundaries to a stage; sound stages don't erupt from a black background, but from an invisible and expanding one - expanding to whatever shape and size is necessary. I found I could focus on and remove focus from any particular part of the sound with ease. The dynamic relationships of instruments were like short, couplets of rhythm; instruments moved in and out of focus effortlessly. Again much in the way when listening to live music a listener can choose to focus on a singular instrument and then move on to another instrument without suppressing the first instrument's contribution."
Kubala Sosna Expression cables Review
"The Anticipation line from Kubala-Sosna are a much more affordable option than their big brother Emotions, while retaining quite a bit of their exceptional qualities. I think they're a good value because they sound like the much more expensive offerings at a fraction of the cost. For those dubious of the differences in cables, Kubala-Sosna represents a good place to start and perhaps finish your search for the magical."
Kubala Sosna  Anticipation line of cables Review
"By removing another layer of subtle sonic grain, the Elation enhances imaging and ambience retrieval. I noticed a longer decay time of drums, trumpets, and voices in most top recordings. I did not notice any coloration that should not have been there. Image specificity and size were just right. The speakers disappear and the performances come to life. As much as I admire the Emotions, the Elations were even better. Airiness, which gives you clues as to recording space and hall character, was more easily heard. The drama of the musical event was bigger and bolder and more in the room than with any other cable I've tried".
Kubala Sosna Elation Review

"Joe Kubala is a brilliant engineer that always satisfies the most picky audiophiles. The Emotion USB has my highest recommendation and is my current USB reference".
Kubala Sosna Emotion USB cable
"The Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnects connected me to the music like no other interconnects I've heard, at anywhere near the price. Their mids and highs are rhythmic and harmonic extensions of their gorgeous bass and midbass, with alive, reach-out-and-touch-it definition."
Kubala Sosna Emotion Line Review