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Hana SL Cartridge - Drop Dead Gorgeous!

March 01, 2018

The Hana SL is the latest of Hana's top-of-the-line " Shibata stylus "  with low outputs (high output version also available), I have become a dealer of Hana now for about 5 months and every time I listen to the Hana SL, it shocks me! This is the best value for money MC cartridge I have ever heard! The cost is less than £600 yet can rival many, if not most of cartridges costing well into four figures!

Kii Audio Three

April 12, 2017

One of the constants of the Audio Dealer is that things come and go, just like fashion. Last year was the turntable, the year before that was valves amps and before that was class D etc etc. 

One thing, however, that seems to be on top of most audiophile lists (in the UK anyway) is the convenience.  If you can remember the “so called” Hi-Fi golden era from the late 80’s to mid 90’s; Krell or Mark Levinson with a pair of massive speakers was the “in” thing.  Your listening room can be used as a sauna, the chandelier blinks when you switch on the Class A monster amplifier and the wife will be moaning, begging or even demanding to have some of her space back.

Imagine, what would it be like to have a complete system that sound comparable to the big high-end system in just two, relatively, small boxes?  Imagine no more sirs!  The Kii Three speakers system is here and now.

Clef - Just wait until you hear it!

March 28, 2017

Just like most audiophiles out there, I love a giant killer product. Something that fights well above it's price point. Brands like Croft , Trichord Research, Jas Audio and Audio Synthesis are known for their high value for the money.  I am happy (very happy) to add "Clef Audio" to that list.

​Enter the Clef "Soloist-50" integrated amp. The little marvel has a power rating of 50 watts at 8 ohms and doubles the power to 100 watts @ 4 ohms.  The first 10 watts (the most important watts in my book) operate in pure class A. 


March 20, 2017

Soulution Amplifier


"A Solution to your ultimate system"

"To end the search"

"To stop wondering about solidstate or Tubes"


Before I took a chance and spent all of my (and my children’s) life savings to become an Audio dealer, I had many high-end pieces of equipment.  For the amplification, I have gone through just about anything worthy of hunting down; long listening sessions and most of the time end up buying them. Names include Audio Note Ongaku, Krell Evolution Pre / Power, ASR Emitter II exclusive, Boulder Mono Blocks, Vitus SM 101, Dartzeel Pre / Power, the list goes on...

So as you can see, if I am a high end dealer, my own amplification will have to be rather special, or if you read between the lines, I have become a dealer because of that reason. Mad about music? Yes, I am... Some would say, Too mad!

The first time I heard Soulution, the set up was 720 Pre amplifier hooked up to a pair of 700 mono blocks. The source was a 740 CD player. The system was driving a pair of Gershman Acoustics Black Swan’s.

Benchmark DAC3 HGC

March 14, 2017

Benchmark DAC3 HGC

In the last few years we have often seen a crossover between Pro Audio and HiFi products.  There are some doubters out there, that products made by Pro Studio companies will not be as musical as the ones that target “the golden ears” group of the audiophile world.

I must admit that I was one of those. I was new to the hobby, reading too many forum posts and getting carried away in the hype of advertising.  The fact is, without studio gear there will be no music for you and me to listen to. And (AND!) I have heard many digital playback products from the so called Highend Audiophile companies that sounded clinical and soulless.  My point is. If the product is good and reliable, does it matter which camp made them?

Vertex Alethia DAC - Still have the magic

March 08, 2017

In a world where DSD DAC's come and go as quick as you can down a pint of IPA, the Vertex AQ Aletheia NOS DAC-1 is still here after 5 years from the release date.  This is still one of the most musically satisfying DAC's to just relax and listen to. 

Paul Rigby (audiophileman) has just reviewed the DAC-1 and wow! I must say that this review is so accurate with my own impressions of this superb DAC.

Please take a little time to read the latest review below:

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