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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Grimm Audio MU1

Our own demo unit. This is a very serious digital player with outstanding performance.

Excellent condition – current spec with latest update, manual and original box.

Our Price £8,995 (RRP £12,300)

About The MU1

The MU1 is a complex and clever machine. Coming from the great lineage of the original Grimm Studio clocking products, the MU1 is in essence a streamer and a DAC – with very accurate clocking. The design solution is a little bit unusual too, in that the decoding processes are split in two, with a processor doing some of the initial filtering processes whilst a programmable gate array does the final sampling before passing the data stream to the D/A circuitry. And so it goes on – this is a technical heavy hitter and we suggest you check out this 6moons review which goes into great depth with lots of measurement graphs too. 

The box itself is a lovely design to behold. Everything is beautifully put together and built to last. Plus Grimm after sales support is great, so long-term ownership is not a concern.


  • Roon Core and Roon End Point integrated

  • ultra high up- and downsampling precision

  • ultra low clock jitter

  • seamless integration with LS1 series

  • excellent source for 3rd party DACs

  • all sample rates and formats supported

  • surround playback option with 6 digital output channels

  • AES, spdif and optical digital stereo inputs

  • web control of setup via any browser

  • infrared remote control

  • external USB and NAS storage, optional internal SSD

  • Tidal and Qobuz support

  • 355 x 85 x 295mm (WxHxD)

  • 5 year limited warranty

The Winters Audio Experience

Please don't underestimate the greatness of this streamer just because we are offering it here at a reduced price. This is our beloved dem unit and it's just a fact of business that dem stock has to be rotated every now and then. It's not an old model either – so this is an opportunity to pick up some incredible performance at a fantastic price. 

And it really is a great performer. The MU1 is one of those rare things – a streamer that is truly musical and incredibly exciting to listen to. In our experience you can feed it data from any source, in any format and it will magically turn it into the best rendition of that file that you've probably ever heard – certainly at this price point we would say. An it hit the press by storm with some particularly good analysis by HiFi Critic, and an 'Audio Excellence' award too – see the summary here (and see the download button at the end of the summary for the full pdf).

Honestly, a streaming solution this good for less than £9k? Why not consider dropping this machine right next to your high-end turntable and hear it compete on sound quality terms whilst you browse all the world's music? Food for thought.

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