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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Jorma Origo Power cable

Crazy upgrade, jaw dropping resolution. 1.5 Metre

Ex Demo, nearly new

Our price £Call (RRP £2,650)

Jorma Origo takes its design lead from Jorma Prime,  making use of the same technology and materials. The conductors are made  from ultra-fine Copper (0.5mm2), with simplified shieldings.

Jorma Origo offers natural, transparent sound; it’s Prime power in a more affordable package.

  • Oak shell

  • 99.999999% pure Copper

  • Transparent PTFE

  • Ceramic fibres


  • Insulation material PTFE noncoloured

  • Conductor material Copper with purity 99.999999%

  • Conductor Multi-threaded with ceramic fibre filler

  • Crimping sleeves material Polyolefin

  • Shielding material Tin-plated copper

  • Braided sleeve PET

  • Gauge 2 x 3 mm2

  • Conductors 0.5 mm 26 pcs

  • Shielding * without lead wire part 4 mm2, 97% effective on RFI and EMI

The Winters Audio Experience

Quite simply, we agree totally with this quoue from positive feedback – "The Origo sounds quite unique. Its rendition of neutral is easy to hear and very attractive, but a sonic surprise nevertheless. I hear no added or subtracted dynamics to the musical flow at any frequency, subtle or otherwise. I hear no euphonic glazing or etch no matter how tiny. I hear no subtraction or added color to system definition from what should be there. Dynamics are precisely natural and even-natured top to bottom. The bass is most tuneful and highly detailed down to the lowest note. I can say the same of the mid-band and high-band responses. Ambience retrieval is unequaled. Airiness is unmatched. Imaging is top drawer. It's like driving a brand new Ferrari on a racetrack for the very first time; one you just received as a gift with all taxes prepaid. It's like the sound and temperament of a master tape playing only masters".

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