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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Spectral DMA-100 Power Amplifier

World Class

Excellent condition throughout with original packaging.

Our Price £2,795 (RRP £6,500)

My  personal collection clearly continues, I have owned this amplifier from  new and it is in immaculate condition.  RRP was £6,500

Due  to my job as a Hifi consultant, I hardly ever have time to listen to  music at home therefore my Spectral DMA 100 has an extremely low hours  of listening time.

This amplifier has ticked all the boxes  that I believe how any amplifier should be made.  The most impressive  spec being the insanely wide bandwidth of this amplifier ( ą1 dB, DC-1  MHz) which will be crucial in building an Audiophile System with the  all important "Phase correction" in mind.

It will also have the  ability to drive any given speaker without any problem with the  distortion reading of Less than 0.015% from DC
to 100 KHz.  I know  all of these figures might mean nothing to some but let me tell you that  the DMA-100 is one of my all time favourites hence the reason I have kept  it for all these years.  If you like a large soundstage without any  restriction of dynamic headroom, accurately portraying music in a  truthful manner to the original recording in today's money then you will  have to spend a lot (and I mean a lot!) more than the asking price here.

Demo before buy is very welcome, I love this amp and if you come to have a listen I am sure you will love it too.

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