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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Studio Connections Black Star Speaker cables

Ex-demo, Great Condition, 3m Pair.

This is an ex-demo pair thats been very carefully looked after by us!

Our Price £2,495 (RRP £6,200)

About the Black Star Speaker Cables

Perhaps you haven't heard of Studio Connections before, but this is a company that has worked tirelessly for many years perfecting their cable designs. Their background is based in the studio/pro music world so you might expect their products to not quite live up to true audiophile standards – but that's just not so. Here is a brand that can stand side by side with the likes of Nordost and Crystal cable.

This speaker cable is extremely fast and  transparent – Studio Connections say its one of the fastest designs ever. And crucially, their cables have a coherent cable structure in which audio components have a super-clean, resonant free and stable cable to pass their signals along


  • 3m Stereo Pair

  • Gold on Brass Bananas

The Winters Audio Experience

A killer set of speaker cables at the price...

If you're trying to find a great performance upgrade without changing your main components, then this pair of speaker cables could be worth serious consideration.  We've listened to them here a lot and can tell you that they really are up there with the best. They have a wide open sound without any noticable sonic artefacts – indeed when you replace most other speaker cables with these in a system, you soon become aware of the floors that were there before, that have now been removed. 

And in terms of their value, we're really talking about these cables being the equal of much more expensive items from competing brands. In essence, there's an awful lot of performance on offer for the price here.

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