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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Tom Evans MasterGroove Phono Amp

Rare and Fabulous!

Good Condition, one rubber foot missing from power supply (does not effect the sound).  Perfect working order and stunning sound.

Our Price £5,995 (£12,000)

About the MasterGroove

This is my own phono stage! One of the VERY BEST in the world, rare in the 2nd hand market.

The front end gain stages offer more than 50% less noise and distortion  than the acclaimed Groove+ SRX and over twice the dynamic range. The  signal path resistors use Vishay 0.1% tolerance and 15 parts per million  temperature coefficient. Each stage of  gain is powered by the latest Lithos 7.4 class ‘A’ local voltage  regulators. Both left and right channel local voltage regulators are  supplied by our latest higher powered Lithos 6.1 regulators in all 14  PCB’s.

We have even gone to the trouble of designing and winding  “in house” a new 200Va Low Flux Transformer with a electrostatic  screened primary winding to dramatically reduce RF (Radio Frequency)  interference entering the power supply.


Main Unit:

  • Width: 270 mm

  • Length: 410 mm

  • Height: 125 mm

  • Weight: 16 Kg.

The Winters Audio Experience

A recepie – add other analoge ingredients for a perfect result every time...

Honestly, when combined with a world class cartridge, arm and turntable, the MaterGroove is capable of delivering the entire frequency spectrum without any noticable frequency artefacts, absolutely no smearing and pinpoint  projection of a huge soundstage. The musicality is even more astonishing, and the sound reveals just what a great designer Tom Evan's really is. 

If you've not experienced what one of his phono stages can really do, then may I suggest you consider adding this beloved example to your system before I change my mind!

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