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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Vertex HiRez Taga

Great condition, one of the very best power distibution blocks ever made.

Excellent condition all round.

Our price £1,290 (RRP £2,400)

About the Vertex Hirez TAGA

The original Vertex AQ power conditioning products first came onto the market way back in 1999. The first Vertex Taga distribution block was released some five years later, then it was around 2010 that the HiRez Taga was launched. All the way through that period the Company were improving performance and winning awards, and although Vertex AQ is now no longer with us, many say that one of the best mains conditioning blocks ever produced is still the HiRez Taga. 

The HiRez Taga always was a unique approach to power conditioning. Sure, it uses great materials such as 99.99% solid silver wiring with air-core teflon dielectric, a brilliant RFI shunt filter circuit that Vertex honed over many years, and passive RFI absorption too. But the extra element, and probably the most significant, is the mechanical energy absorbtion that this block contains. The Vertex approach to acoustic reduction using destructive interference rather than absorptive soft materials is a technique that brings startling performance benefits.


  • Rated 240V 13A 

  • 13A IEC Inlet Socket

  • 6 x UK 13A Output Sockets

  • Solid-core silver wire throughout

  • Ultra High Speed shunt RFI filter

  • Passive EMI absorption

  • Acoustic absorption using destructive interference techniques

The Winters Audio Experience

Did you know there's a bit of a cult following for older Vertex AQ products? We have customer's who have just about every piece of Vertex right through their systems – and wouldn't have anything else.

And this HiRez Taga is just a honey. Honestly, it's ability to elevate a system's performance is rather uncanny. Many systems suffer from RFI and microphony problems, and a lot of those artefacts are zooming around your mains loom. Hook everything up through the HR Taga, re-ajust the rest of your system a little (re-position speakers because you'll now have much better tonal balance and dynamic range) and sit back. You'll first notice the reduction in glare of course, but as it all settles down the improvement in timing, imagery, scale, transparency, and realism really will have you diving through your whole music collection.

A rare music lover's bargain not to be missed.

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