"And it’s this slow realisation after the

immediate effect of the DC blocking that

might just make the Aneto the gateway to

Vertex AQ’s deeper concepts on RF, EMI,

and resonance control. The product gets

quieter, but then a day or two later, it begins to sound more coherent and focused as the filter begins to take effect. This effect also improves between Silver and Hi-Rez. Vertex AQ’s Aneto gets a reserved recommendation because there will be many for whom its DC offset blocking benefits are unnecessary. But for those who need to get rid of some noise, the Aneto not only works well, but it has an added ‘Systematic’ bonus, too. At which point, recommendation is near mandatory!"

Vertex Aneto Review HiFi+

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Choosing Vertex components can be quite a daunting task... which one to buy first, Is it worth going up to the hirez range with the equipment that you already have?  Would Aneto cure the hum in my system,? ETC ....
We can help to guide you through the vast range of Vertex AQ as we class ourselves as Vertex AQ experts.  Please feel free to call or email to find out how Vertex AQ can improve your system.  "You Know When You've Been Vertexed"

"As I listen to quite a lot of modern classical that accents the need to work at a piece of music in order to understand it, before you get all the surface elements of metre and rhythm, the JSA’s ability to bring some order to the chaos is welcomed. It also works to open up avenues of music normally closed to the listener, because they simply make more sense. I’m not a big blues fan, but I could understand the appeal of Howling Wolf here, because his voice was raspy and visceral, and not simply yet another music entity.

The best thing I can say about the JSA

is it made me more of a headphone listener.I rem ain huffily old-school in my audiophile aspirations, and think of headphones as a modern necessity than a go-to place for my music. After spending some time with the JSA Type 2, I’m more into the whole headphone experience. The JSA is that good"

JSA Headphone conditioner Review HiFi+

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"It might sound counter-intuitive, but spending money on devices like Pico and Jaya could save you money elsewhere.

The Vertex AQ approach largely does away with component upgrades, and endless tonal ‘patching up’ from using cables as tone controls. Eventually, of course, you will end up changing electronic components or loudspeakers in the system, but with this approach firmly locked into your noodle, the chances of making yet another series of poor decisions are minimised. You can still upgrade, but you upgrade less, and you upgrade wisely. In the process, you might spend a lot on Vertex AQ and Leading Edge products, but this should all cost less than rebuilding your system over and over again".

Pico Grounding Device Review HiFi +

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"It was only after I’d tried and immediately and comprehensively been won over by these new HiRez cables – which, incidentally, made a wonderful partnership with the 800 Diamonds – that I discovered that they were also exceedingly expensive: £8,170 for a 3m pair, plus £1,430 per additional metre.

I know that a number of cables cost more than this, in some cases much more, but none have come in my direction, so I’m unable to put the HiRez Moncayo into an overall market context. However, I can unequivocally state that in my system context it delivered a considerable – indeed quite dramatic improvement over the standard version, so much so that I suspect that its special features were actually helping the amplifier and speakers to work better.

These weren’t small differences. Much as I’d grown to like the standard Moncayos over several years, it was impossible not to recognise immediately the considerably superior dynamic expression and vividness of the HiRez cable."

Vertex HiRez Moncayo Cable Review HiFi+

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"This DAC releases much of the potential of digital audio, delivering the sort of stability and clarity that is normally only found when replaying master tapes.

Indeed, CDs now sounded so close to studio masters that one became much more aware of the techniques used in the recording and mixing processes.

One consequence is that I immediately started digging out old and familiar discs, simply in order to hear them ‘for the first time’, as each example I tried with this dac-1 sounded freshly minted and ‘new’, bringing out previously obscured musical insights and the human characteristics of vocalists and other musicians."

Vertex AQ ALETHEIA DAC-1 Review HiFi Critic

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In the Colloms Sound Quality ratings, in the digital components listing, the Aletheia dac-1 scores an incredibly high 250 points. Hardly any of the other machines on the list get anywhere near that score, and most of those that do (or better it), are vastly more costly than the Aletheia DAC.

"There is normally a sonic caveat, but

not this time. This points the system in the

right direction, whatever the system. I’d like to see a huge version that didn’t just pass through the power amps, but that would make the PSU-2 seem like small potatoes, in size, weight and price. But even just with the pass-thru, there seems to be some residual benefit to that end of the system. Elsewhere in this issue, I talk about the ‘blameless’ amplifier; the Aletheia PSU-2 strives to make every amplifier blameless. Not by making

everything bland and uniform, but by making it work properly, and work in harmony with itself and its surroundings.

And when it’s gone... you’re quickly

back with normal music replay. You get to

live the rest of your life as a schnoo"

Vertex AQ PSU-2 Review HiFi +

Full Review

Even if you are a hard core Vertex AQ fan who think that you have already heard the very best of what Vertex AQ can do....along came the Quiescent!
​"The best just got better"

Please call us for the best advise, we do fully understand how Vertex and Quiescent works within an Audio System.  We can guide you through the whole process of |How, Where and When.  We also have an extensive range of Vertex and Quiescent for demo purpose.

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