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Wolf Von Langa


Wolf Von Langa WVL 12639 SON



Wolf Von Langa London WVL 23216 Audio Frame



Wolf Von Langa Chicago WVL 23239 Audio Frame


We are very excited to represent Wolf Von Langa speakers in the UK.  If you like "live" or "being there" type of sound then look no further than the Wolf Von Langa, the sound is immersive and real life dynamics that will put you right inthe middle of performance.

What produces such a convincing performance in music reproduction?
The Wolf von Langa field coil bass-mid system crucially reduces distortion and increases clarity: enabling extremely tight, controlled and precise bass. Whether melodic acoustic bass from a small jazz combo, or deeply extended bass from club music, the Son adeptly and quickly grips low frequencies, providing a solid foundation for your musical enjoyment. Enjoy treasured recordings with a realism and richness that few speakers can equal. Hear and experience! Handmade in Germany.
Innovation, not marketing
It’s not the speaker cone that creates the sound of music, but the drive. This is not only affirmed by every single listener and modern simulation programs, but also by plain common sense. Just like power is generated in a vehicle motor, not the wheels.
The translation from electric power to kinetic energy happens in the motor as well, and this is, why we have crafted a great idea. The car industry and even the racing sport Formula E follows suit, but we’ve been producing electric loudspeaker motors for over 10 years now. Explorers, curious listeners, and music lovers have potentially already heard of us.
About Wolf  von Langa
Research, discover, and construct – that has always been the passion of the company’s founder Wolf von Langa. The love for music and decades of experience can be found in every single one of their handcrafted and in Germany manufactured products.
In recent years, they have received international praise and several awards for their products, such as the Industry Award Best Of Electrical Engineering.
Quality Assurance
All Wolf von Langa loudspeakers are highly-developed systems that are designed and built by them entirely. They use only the highest-grade materials, assembling and calibrating each unit manually in Germany.
Before delivery, they subject all the loudspeakers to a days-long endurance test followed by a further detailed inspection. This ensures that you receive a premium product built to the very highest precision. And a quality that inspires when listening – even those who are not interested in High Fidelity.

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