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About Winters Audio

Dedicated to Great Sound

We are an independent hi-fi consultant based in Norfolk, East Anglia. We've been in business for many years and have a dedicated customer base who enjoy our friendly approach that combines consultative hifi support with a really good discussion on just about anything (food, travel, music, the meaning of life and so-on). We aim to make your process of discovery, selection and purchase of high-end equipment a great experience that is confidence inspiring.

We stock some of the worlds best audio products, and are expert at getting the best out of them. We also have considerable 'system building' experience so we'll make sure you are choosing the best equipment for your room, your system and your listening goals.

Meet The Team

No organisation works without a great team. So meet Ob, Steve and Adam, all here to help you achieve your dream audio system.


The Founder of Winters Audio

"Most people can't say my name, which is Siropas Rangphet if you really wanted to know, so please call me Ob (it's much easier). 

I started Winters Audio back in 2000, after I discovered I had a deep love for hifi and the hifi business. I've travelled all around the world, to shows and meeting manufacturers, and I think I have a pretty good understanding of the industry – what's good and what's not so good.

I choose brands and products based on what I think is interesting and sounds great, but also on their quality and what's best for long-term ownership for my customers."

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Steve Elford

Website Development and Customer Support

"I've worked for many years in hifi – I was an original founder of the company Vertex AQ. I've worked extensively on hifi research and design, and supported design developments for companies such as Nordost and Kaiser. 

I left manufacturing in 2020, and moved to the beautiful Isle of Wight, working freelance as a web developer. But Ob and I always had a great working relationship, so after a while he asked me to join him at Winters Audio. 

So I'm here to help Ob with the development of Winters Audio's online presence and to support customers on their hifi journey."

Adam Fairless

Technical Support and Equipment Setup

"My parents loved their music; I was brought up in a house where Pink Floyd or Wagner played all day – on a turntable of course. I was hooked.


My work life has always been in electronics and computing. I have a lot of experience in the setup of large (and small) network media server/connected storage systems.I also still have that love of Vinyl and I've become an expert at turntable setup.


I've known Ob for many years, and as Winters Audio developed, it became a no-brainer that I should step in as the provider of technical support for both digital and analogue equipment, system setup, and for equipment faultfinding and maintenance."

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