Kii Three Speakers

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lossless volume control

Coax SPDIF, Optical TOSLINK and USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128 on USB)


Kii Three

Active speaker with build in DAC

Active Wave Focusing Solution

Amazing sound!

From £5890

Kii Three Stands

Perfect for Kii Three Speakers

high quality steel and are powdercoated, sand fillable



Best of 2018 award


Most loudspeakers are an evolution of those that have come before, a refinement of existing technologies. The fully active Kii Three turns that notion on its head by using DSP (digital signal processing) in such a radical way that the resolution it delivers is frankly outrageous. By cancelling rearward bass output the Kii Three reduces the impact of the biggest problem faced by loudspeakers, the room. This is the most revealing loudspeaker I have heard for a long time and yet it’s not the size of a house and nor does it cost a fortune by high end standards. It just shows that a cleverly designed active loudspeaker has a significant advantage over the majority of the competition. Jason Kennedy

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Soundstage! has awarded the Kii Three with the “Editors Choice”.

Kii Audio’s Three could hold its head high on SoundStage! Ultra and Hi-Fi. But it’s equally at home here on Simplifi. For a little over 20 large, you get a pair of killer three-way, six-driver speakers with 3kW of class-D power (granted, many of those watts are used to cancel unwanted output), a very nice control module, and massive stands. The sound is to die for (or go into debt for). And these speakers works beautifully in a regular domestic environment -- not just sonically, but functionally and aesthetically too.

If anyone thinks lifestyle audio and high-end audio are mutually exclusive categories, the Kii Three should put that notion to rest. This system is a tour de force -- a game-changer.

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HiFi + 2018 Best Buy Award

I have to take my hat off to Bruno and his partners. In the Kii Three they have achieved what few others can match at a price that while high is almost a bargain by the standards of alternatives that can deliver similar resolution. Once you get a handle on what this speaker can do it’s almost impossible to stop playing your old favourites and hearing stuff that is normally only hinted at.

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"What a big step forward in intelligent 21st-century speaker design..”

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“The Kii Three is one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of using in my own home.”

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"Let me end this review by quoting Phil Ward: “Well I could honestly finish this review in one line simply by writing that the Kii THREE is one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of using in my own home.” After playing around with the Kii speakers in my studio, I took them home for a couple of days — and my conclusion matches Phil’s exactly".


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"What you see of this loudspeaker is in stark contrast to its sound in the  lower registers: powerful, extending down to 20hz with no audible limitation, the Kii three system remained controlled, transparent and open even at very high sound pressure levels. no loudspeaker of this size that i am aware of can deliver bass of a comparable magnitude"

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