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"Knowledge, Innovation and Achievement"


The Kii management slogan says it all about their products. German precision and production, backed by a wealth of technical knowhow, to deliver startling results.

Kii at Winters Audio

Kii's cutting-edge speaker systems embody the convergence of art and science, meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive audio experience that frankly, transcends conventional expectations. With an exacting focus on precision, balance, and clarity, every Kii Audio product is a testament to their unwavering commitment to sonic excellence.

Harnessing the power of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and state-of-the-art acoustical design, the Kii speakers cleverly blend into any environment, delivering a soundstage that is both captivating and authentic. From intimate home settings to professional studios, Kii products use their DSP to adapt to their operating space, offering a listening experience that is hard to rival.

And for us, this is perhaps the first time we have heard the technology deliver the goods. Sure, they work great as a lifestyle solution or studio monitors, but spend some time setting them up in a stereo configuration, carefully dialling them in accurately and letting them warm up for a few days and you will be rewarded with a spectacular performance.

Featured Products

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Kii Audio Kii Three

The key product in the Kii range. Staggering performance in a refined package.

Kii Three System,  (2 x Kii Three - 1 x Kii Control – inc cables), standard colours, £14,955.00. Premium colours, £16,371.00.

Kii Three single speaker, standard colours £7,188.00. Premium colours £7,788.00.

See specs for colour choices 

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Kii Audio Kii Three BXT

Add the BXT units to the Kii Three to add vertical line array capability.

Kii Three BXT System, (2 x Kii Three, 2 x BXT, 1 x Kii Control – inc cables), standard colours, £31,467.00. Premium colours, £34,347.00.

Kii BXT single module, standard colours £8,148.00. Premium colours £8,988.00.

See specs for colour choices.

Kii Seven

Kii Audio Kii Seven

The compact alternative that still delivers Kii performance for smaller spaces.

Kii Seven System,  (2 x Kii Seven - 1 x Kii Control – inc cables), colours – Fine Touch White - Fine Touch Dark Grey £7,785.00.

Kii Seven single speaker, colours – Fine Touch White - Fine Touch Dark Grey £3,495.00.

Game Changer or Room Changer?


Actually, its both – this is the essence of Kii technology.

Physical Configuration​

The math all starts with the physical layout. Driver positioning is mapped in the software, as is all the acoustic behaviour of the enclosure. 

Kii three flow diagram.jpg

A DSP ​Wavefront

By employing digital delay algorithms to the different drivers in the array, the Kii system creates a unified wavefront forward.

Cardioid Dispersion

The result is a cardioid dispersion pattern. The benefit of cardioid directivity is simple – it radiates 4.8dB less energy into the room for the same on-axis SPL than an omnidirectional radiation pattern.


Fine Tuning the Response​


With adjustment of the boundary setting between 'corner', 'wall' and 'free' and fine adjustment of the contour setting, the Kii products can be integrated into every room and every placement requirement.

Connections Kii Three_edited_edited.jpg

Meet Bruno Putzeys, Kii CTO


With a history of audio revolution, Bruno Putzeys, who was responsible for the Ncore class D amplifier designs, has taken his quest one step further with Kii.


The Winters Audio Experience

A different sort of high-end

At Winters Audio, we are very glad that Kii are pushing the boundaries of high-end performance in a different way to the norm. We're used to conventional analogue and digital systems and 'regular' speaker designs, but if we just stick to that thinking, we're missing a trick. 

And 'boundaries' is a useful word to pivot around when considering Kii. The boundaries of what's possible with the latest class D amplifier designs, the boundaries of what's possible with good DSP, and the literal boundaries of your listening room. Because trust us, Kii are 'moving the boundaries' in all three respects.

And hey, there's only one way to find out if this approach is for you. Have a good read here about the products, then give us a call to discuss. And when you listen, don't be surprised if a few words fly through your head like 'damn'. 

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