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Accessories, or Essentials?


"Some accessories should actually be called essentials – these are one of those essentials."

Omex at Winters Audio

We're very pleased to have the Omex Isolators at Winters Audio. With varying levels of price and performance, and with two heights to choose from (20mm or 30mm) it's very easy to create a highly effective isolation solution for your system. Call us to find out more.

Symphony 2A

Great performance versus price, the Symphony 2A offer minimal height lift with effective isolation. By employing multiple sets under electronics and speakers, the overall performance of a system is greatly enhanced.

2 disc, 20mm x 40mm (heigh x diameter).

Set of 4, £300.

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Symphony 3A


With it's additional disc, the Symphony 3A builds on the performance of the 2A and should be used where the additional height lift is not an issue, particularly under key components such as transports or active speakers.

3 disc, 30mm x 40mm (heigh x diameter).

Set of 4, £400.

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Symphony 2S

Offering a significant step up in performance, the extra resonance damping from the gold-plated components can be clearly heard. And again, use throughout a system to get significant performance gains.

2 disc – 30mm x 40mm (heigh x diameter).

Set of 4, £600.

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Symphony 3S

The ultimate performance level from Omex. The Symphony 3S delivers demonstrably greater isolation than the other Omex components. Brilliantly effective in a high-end system context.

3 disc – 30mm x 40mm (heigh x diameter).

Set of 4, £900

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The Winters Audio Experience

The Importance of Isolation

Okay, we'll nail our colours to the mast here – a competent system that is not employing effective isolation is almost certainly performing below par. 

The Omex approach uses an ingenious combination of techniques to break down vibration energy. A tuning fork arrangement and a ball bearing are using both a heat-loss principle (the ball bearing) and a resonance diffuser (the tuning fork). These two methods combine to effectively drain vibration out of the component chassis (and hence the internal electronics) and prevent vibration coming up from the supporting shelf. Micro-grooved surfaces on the upper and lower discs create effective coupling and ensure a non-slip solution. Then in the 2S and 3S options, Omex has applied 'soft' 24-carat gold plating to key components to add further damping effects.

So, firstly, these Omex devices are the easiest isolators to use that we have ever come across. And because of their two-way isolation they work brilliantly on normal shelving. In essence then, they are 'plonk' and play. They're scaleable in terms of the performance solution you wish to go for, and as you add more devices in, or go along the 'A to S' upgrade path, you get the eery effect of your system becoming un-shackled. In particular we alway hear much more tonal purity and delicacy, more transparency and three dimensionality, plus far greater control and organisation when the system is working hard.

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