Synergistic Research have focused on a total system approach to create synergy in your system. All aspects of performance are taken into account and because there's more to synergy than just cables. Synergistic research offers the next generation of fuses designed to improve the musicality and the dimensionality of your music from your system.

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Synergistic Research

Orange and Purple Fuse

Please don't ask me how they do this!  I have been trying to understand how and why without much luck. To my ears, the purple fuse somehow lower the background noise and improve the flow of music.  For the outlay, this is one of those no brainer upgrade purchase without breaking your bank account.


Synergistic Research


From power cables, active grounding to power conditioner, Synergistic Research got them all covered.  Please contact us with your power issue we will try to get you a solution as soon as we can.


Synergistic Research


SR has a wide range of cables to suite your needs, they are all sounding very natural without sharpness or glare, the higher you go up the range, I could hear more and more resolution without any fatigue feeling.

Synergistic Research

Hot products

As a Synergistic Research approved retailer, we have been fully trained to understand company vast range of products.  The list here are our hot picks from their accessries range which including an outstanding Ethernet swtiching and UEF Acoustic Panels.