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Cables, Isolation and so much more


"A world-renowned brand that manufacture a vast range of accessories that deliver results."

Synergistic Research at Winters Audio

As a Synergistic Research (SR) approved retailer, we have been fully trained to understand the company's vast range of products. Below are some of our hot picks from their accessories range. 


If you are interested in discussing what SR products can do for your system then please do give us a call.

SR Fuses


By reducing RFI effects on your mains supplies, through higher quality materials and lower impedance junctions, SR Fuses lower background noise and improve the flow of music. "For the outlay, this is one of those no brainer upgrade purchase without breaking the bank."


SR Power


From power cables, active grounding to power conditioner, Synergistic Research got them all covered.  Please contact us with your power issue we will try to get you a solution as soon as we can.


SR Cables


SR has a wide range of cables to suite your needs, they are all sounding very natural without sharpness or glare, the higher you go up the range, I could hear more and more resolution without any fatigue feeling.


SR Isolation


From simple yet effective Isolation pods, to complete rack systems, SR offer a huge range of support, isolation and grounding solutions. Always an important element of a high-end system – call us do discuss your setup and where to start with SR isolation products.

SR Isolator 1.jpeg

SR Ethernet Switches


If you've never considered the benefits of improving the quality of your Ethernet setup then may we seriously suggest that you do. These SR Ethernet Switches offer a serious performance upgrade.


The Winters Audio Experience

So much to talk about with sr


With such a vast range of products this is not really a try one and buy one situation, it's a philosophy discussion. Let's start with cables; SR talk about what they call the loom effect. Mix and match is not the way to go they say – and they'd be right. System 'Synergy' is a strange thing that effects cable looms in particular and when we have helped customers achieve a complete SR cable solution, the result has always been a gateway to greater coherence, stability, playability and enjoyability. Systems suddenly sound right.

Now start to add into the equation some of the other SR products, such as isolation, mains conditioning or even their brilliant mains fuses and it just keeps pushing that boundary of system synergy further and further, until you arrive at such transparency and musicality that all you are left with is you and the joy of that day, in that recording studio, right at the moment when those artists found their synergy and created something wonderful.

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