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Sublime Vinyl Replay


"There's lots of debate about what is the right technology for a turntable and arm. Why?"

Bergmann at Winters Audio

Bergmann turntables are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, making them a highly sought-after choice among audiophiles and music enthusiasts. With a commitment to precision engineering and the pursuit of unparalleled sound quality, Bergmann turntables have garnered a reputation for their seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and timeless aesthetic appeal.

These high-end turntables, crafted by the Danish company Bergmann Audio, are characterised by their use of air-bearing technology, which minimises friction and vibration, thereby enhancing the overall clarity and accuracy of sound reproduction. This innovative approach results in a remarkably smooth and stable rotation, allowing for a more faithful and dynamic rendering of the original music.

Bergmann turntables are also celebrated for their sleek and minimalist designs, often incorporating premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. The combination of state-of-the-art engineering and sophisticated aesthetics exemplifies the brand's dedication to providing an immersive and captivating listening experience for music enthusiasts who seek uncompromising quality and performance.

Featured Products

Bergman Audio Modi & Thor

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The brilliant Introduction to The Bergmann Range. Staggering value for money and performance when the Modi and Thor are purchased together.

Airbearing Turntable and Airbearing Linear Tracking Arm (with air supply) – Finishes blackvelvet/silver or blackvelvet/black, £10,950

Bergmann Audio Galder & Odin

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The High-end Turntable and Linear Tracking Arm from Bergmann. Incredible design and build quality that offers sublime performance.

Airbearing Turntable and Airbearing Linear Tracking Arm (with air supply) – Finishes black/silver or black/black, £24,950

Getting Air into Your Music


Nitrogen, Oxygen – and Vinyl

Air Bearing​

It all starts with the main bearing. Air is silently pumped into the bearing to create a 3mm lift, decoupling the platter and eliminating all bearing noise.

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Vacuum Hold Down​

With vacuum hold down the vinyl becomes, in essence, an integral part of the platter. Furthermore the vacuum is applied over the whole platter so all of the playing surface is pulled perfectly flat.

Galder vacuum hold down.jpeg

Linear Tracking Air Bearing Tonearms​

The stylus tracks the record the way it was cut, so no tracking error. The floating part is effectively isolated on a cushion of air from the rest of the tone arm mechanism and turntable.

Odin 1_edited.jpg

Johnnie Bergmann

Meet The Founder & His Work 

The Winters Audio Experience

So Exciting

There are few things that get the pulse racing like a high-end turntable. The physical presence, the mechanics and precision, the rotation of the platter and movement of the tonearm. 

Then there's the process involved – but it's different with Bergmann. You can't spin the platter until the air pump is on, vacuum hold down sucks the vinyl flat, and cueing is not with an arm but a rotating knob. It's almost spiritual.

And next, there's the sound. Oh it's just glorious. Top-to-bottom consistency, a wide and deep soundstage that seems to go on to infinity, tight and propulsive rhythm, plus huge scale and delicacy too – that can all start and stop in an instant. 

We stock this brand because we're in love with it. It's that simple.

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