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"Anyone Up For A Fight?"


The Danes were conquerors. 

And that trait has flowed all the way down to Gryphon products. Pit them against anything out there and frankly, they usually win.

Bergmann at Winters Audio

Bergmann turntables are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, making them a highly sought-after choice among audiophiles and music enthusiasts. With a commitment to precision engineering and the pursuit of unparalleled sound quality, Bergmann turntables have garnered a reputation for their seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and timeless aesthetic appeal.

These high-end turntables, crafted by the Danish company Bergmann Audio, are characterised by their use of air-bearing technology, which minimises friction and vibration, thereby enhancing the overall clarity and accuracy of sound reproduction. This innovative approach results in a remarkably smooth and stable rotation, allowing for a more faithful and dynamic rendering of the original music.

Bergmann turntables are also celebrated for their sleek and minimalist designs, often incorporating premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. The combination of state-of-the-art engineering and sophisticated aesthetics exemplifies the brand's dedication to providing an immersive and captivating listening experience for music enthusiasts who seek uncompromising quality and performance.

Item List

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Bergman Audio Modi & Thor

The brilliant Introduction to The Bergmann Range

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Bergmann Audio Galder & Odin

The High-end Turntable and Linear Tracking Arm from Bergmann

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Getting Air into Your Music


Real advancements that stand up to scrutiny both technically and in the listening experience.

Air Bearing​

  • It all starts with the main bearing. Air is silently pumped into the bearing to create a 3mm lift, decoupling the platter and eliminating all bearing noise.

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Vacuum Hold Down​

  • With vacuum hold down the vinyl becomes, in essence, an integral part of the platter. Furthermore the vacuum is applied over the entire platter surface so the playing surface is perfectly flat

Vacuum Hold Down

  • Analogue and digital circuitboards are built to true audiophile standards with thicker boards and plating, and clever design that eliminates almost entirely the need for internal wiring, links or jumpers.

Galder vacuum hold down.jpeg

PS2-S MM/MC Phono Module

  • The PS2-S is an updated version of the renowned PS2. A brilliant quality phono module that can be installed into any of the integrated amps, plus the Essence and Zena preamps.

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Meet The Founder Johnnie Bergmann


An audio enthusiast from an early age, Johnnie Bergmann 


The Winters Audio Experience

Such a strong Brand

Whenever we talk about Gryphon, one word always comes to the fore – Strong. And we don't just mean in sound quality terms (more on that in a moment) but rather the logic of the product range, the jaw dropping design, the meticulous attention to detail and fundamentally, the determination to do what's required to meet the need of performance goals. Everything from power supplies, component choices and circuit topology, to RFI and anti-vibration management, is big, bold and spot-on – absolutely no part is weak in its application.

And this shines through with sound quality. Gryphon is always rich, fast and exciting; loaded with texture, dynamics and endless transparency. But the musical rewards are all there too – drama and suspense, beauty and character, and a view into the recorded event that always leaves you in wonder. 


In the end, that's where the strength of Gryphon takes you.

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