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Sublime Vinyl Replay


"There's lots of debate about what is the right technology for a turntable and arm. Why?"

Bergmann Audio Galder & Odin

The High-end Turntable and Linear Tracking Arm from Bergmann. Incredible design and build quality that offers sublime performance.

Airbearing Turntable and Airbearing Linear Tracking Arm (with air supply) – Finishes black/silver or black/black, £24,950

About the Galder & Odin

The Galder and Odin combination is a vinyl playing solution of great technical prowess and musical performance. The Galder turntable is built around an even higher level of execution of the key Bergmann features such as the air bearing platter, the tacho regulated motor and belt drive and the facility to use either the Thor or the Odin linear tracking airbearing arms. And the Galder adds to that list with the addition of vacuum hold down.

The core engineering is there too, starting with the plinth and motor housing. Both are CNC machined from solid aluminium and mounted on a sub-frame. But naturally the motor housing is mechanically decoupled from the subframe to prevent transmission of motor vibrtation into the plinth. The platter is also machined from solid aluminium to incredibly tight tolerances, and it's 11.8kg mass ensures incredible speed stability. However, it is the addition of the air bearing that 'floats' the platter that provides an otherwise unachievable level of isolation. But it goes further than that of course, with the addition of the vacuum hold down that keeps the vinyl homogenous with the platter and absolutely flat too, right across the playing surface.

Add to that the Odin air bearing arm. An arm that adds more regidity to proceedings over the Thor with support for the air tube at both ends. The air is fed in at both ends too, which improves cosistency of the air cushion over the entire length of motion. The head shell is a very stiff construction, machined from one solid piece of aluminium, glued by 2-component epoxy onto the seamless carbon fiber armtube, which is a double carbon fiber tube construction with damping in between, to avoid coloration to the sound. The armtube is fixed in a groove on top of the sliding pipe, which is machined of 2 pieces of solid aluminium and glued by 2-component epoxy.

Tech Insight

The Galder's main plith and motor housing are two seperate solid machined cases. They are both mounted to a lower frame but this construction breaks up the natural resonances of only using a single case construction. It's a belt drive system of course, and the nature of a compliant belt also helps decouple motor vibration from the platter. Speed control is very accurate as all the Bergmann motors use a tacho system with a perforated disk at the base of the motor shaft to create a feedback signal to accurately control motor torque.


Airbearing design. Vacuum hold down, or clamp.
Accept up to 4 tonearms. All tonearm designs, radial – and linear tracking.
Output for an airbearing tonearm.

Plinth, Black coated die cast aluminium.

Platter/Bearing, aluminium platter floats on air. 3mm acrillic mat.
Centred by hard anodized spindle/hardwearing low friction polymer bearing.

Platter weight, 11.8 kg.

Motorbase, tacho motor with high precision feedback control system. Speeds 33 & 45, belt driven

Feet, adjustable aluminium/ceraball construction.

Dimensions, 365 x 480 x 190mm (D x W x H)

Total weight, 38.0 kg.


Linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Aluminium/carbon construction, armtube damped inside and counterweight decoupled from armtube.
Adjustments: VTA, overhang, leveling. Tracking force.

Wire: Pure copper litz.

Clips/Connectors: Gold plated copper/Gold plated DIN.

Weight: Incl. armboard, 1.180kg. Effective mass: 14g.

Dimensions mm: 70 x 190 x 265 (H x W x L)

Silent, clean, dry and smooth airflow. Replaceable filter.
Easy accessible dust filter, for easy cleaning and replacement.

Dimensions, 465 x 225 x 235mm. (D x W x H)

Weight, 18,2 kg.

Matching & Setup

There is not much point in us trying to cover the detailed setup requirements of this highend turntable/tonearm combination here. We will give perspective buyers all the support they require to get everything adjusted perfectly.

It is though, worth discussing broader system and room considerations – this is a true reference front end and it should be matched to an appropriately capable system in a well sorted listening room. Cartridge and phono stage should of course be appropriate, and the Odin deserves a good MC cartridge and a properly capable phono stage. The consistency, transparency and fabulous tonal pallete of the Galder/Odin combo means that the phono stage and subsequent amplification should be neutral, open and expressive. There is no need to consider any tailoring of sound here - indeed a downstream system that is limited in any way is only going to hold back the drama, expressivenes and musicality on offer.

The Galder needs a very good stand of course, and you should be looking to place the air pump on a lower shelf, or on the floor. Cood mains and cabling are also a benefit, and remember that the air pump also contains the motor PSU, so treat it with the same respect as any other important component.

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