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Simply Great Cables


"Studio engineering meets high-end home audio in these no-nonsense but true audiophile standard cables."

Studio Connections at Winters Audio

Coming from a studio engineering background, Studio Connections offer a simple range of cables that meet the fundamental requirement of neutrality and transparency. Prices below are for standard lengths and most common formats but cables can be ordered in a wide range of lengths, usually in 0.5m increments.

The Reference Plus range are the 'entry level' products from Studio Connections, delivering superb all-round sound and great VFM.


The Black Star Range show just how far this brand can push the envelope with products that you might not consider a bargain – until you compare their performance with some of the big names out there. 

Reference Plus Interconnects


A neutral and accurate interconnect bringing clarity and an engaging musical presentation to your system.

Our Price £500/1m pair, £700/2m pair (for RCA or XLR)

Reference plus interconnects.jpeg

Reference Plus Digital Cables


A fast digital cable that delivers a signal with minimal digital distortion and cable artefacts to give improved clarity and better imaging.

Our Price £300/1m, £400/2m (for RCA, AES or BNC)

reference plus digital.jpeg

Reference Plus Speaker Cables


Great signal transfer and improved speaker control, this cable has a growing reputation for performance.

Our Price £700/2m single wire, £1,400/2m bi-wire

reference plus speaker cables.jpeg

Carbon Screened Power Cables


A superb mains cable that significantly reduces RFI artefacts for a richer and smoother system tonality.

Our Price £250/1m, £350/2m (UK13A, Schuko, US)

Carbon screened power.jpeg

Black Star Interconnects


A significant step up from the Reference Plus range offering even better dynamics and transparency.

Our Price £1,600/1m pair, £2,000/2m pair (for RCA or XLR)

black star interconnect.jpeg

Black Star Digital Cables


An obvious step up in performance over the Reference cable, the Black Star digital brings improved naturalness and spaciousness.

Our Price £900/1m, £1100/2m (for RCA, AES or BNC)

black star digital.jpeg

Black Star Speaker Cables


A seriously good speaker cable that offers the sort of transparency and dynamics that's required in a true high-end system.

Our Price £3.200/2m, £4,900/3m pair (single wire only)

black star speaker cable.jpeg

Black Star Power Cables


With an uncanny ability to open up system sound quality, these Black Star mains leads are seriously good.

Our Price £800/1m, £1.000/2m (UK13A, Schuko, US)

black star power.jpeg

The Winters Audio Experience

Cables that do what it says on the tin

We've used lots of cables at Winters Audio over the years. Some have been from the obvious big brands, and some have been rather hair shirt, or extreme even. And many of these have been great to be sure – expensive, but great. But what if you want something a little more middle of the road, easy to use, great in all types of systems with all types of music, yet also offers real high-end performance at relatively sensible prices? Well this is where we think Studio Connections hit the mark.


The studio engineering background here has led to some interesting technology with unusual approaches to insulation material and in-house designed 3D-printed connector bodies. With very high build standards too, these cables will deliver many years of exemplary performance. 

And don't just take our word for it, see this hifi+ review by Alan Sircom

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