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Pass Labs Amplifiers
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"Amplifiers – pure and simple"


Some 35 miles northeast of Sacramento, California, lies Pass Laboratories. From here, come some of the best amplifiers the world has ever heard.

Pass at Winters Audio



A Pass Labs amplifier is always something special. With such a long history of development, together with all the skill and experience that comes with such a track record, you can be sure of finding a Pass product that is perfect for your next upgrade. 

Please don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss demonstrations and buying.

Selected Products

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XP12 Preamp

This might be the entry level preamp from Pass, but it's a great preamp.

On permanent demo at WInters Audio – by appointment only!

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XA30.8 Stereo Power Amp

A truly gorgeous sounding pure class A power amplifier.

On permanent demo at WInters Audio – by appointment only!

History and Evolution

all in the pursuit of sound

Multiple Boxes​

  • Designs like the XP32 preamp house power supplies in one box and left and right analogue gain circuits in two separate boxes for even greater reductions in interference.

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Multiple Output Devices

  • Power amplifier designs employ banks of multiple output devices to lower noise. In the case of the XA160.8 shown here, there are 72 MOSFETs per channel.


Low-Noise Power


  • In this HP-1 headphone amp, the AC line is first filtered for high frequency hash and then isolated by a special toroidal transformer shielded by mu-metal for lower magnetic noise, and a Faraday shield for lower electrostatic noise.


Class A Simplicity


  • Models like the INT-25 combine pure class A topology with minimal component count, in a simple integrated package for those with efficient speakers and a desire for great sound.


Meet The Founder


Nelson Pass

Nelson Pass founded Pass Labs in 1991 and since then has continued to develop great amplifiers. Pass has always favoured MOSFET designs and balanced topology and insists that development by listening tests is always better than relying on measurements.

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The Winters Audio Experience

If you love the pass sound..

Pass Labs is one of those amp brands that gets under your skin. In our hifi journeys we all try valves, solid state and even class D. And there are great examples of them all of course. But the most important thing is 'the love affair' – and we all fall in love with different things. 

For us, it's a sound that is beguiling without being at all fluffy, it's smooth and sweet without being sickly, it's rich without being too heavy. When you listen, it creeps into your brain "wow, this is Michelin levels of amplifier building"

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