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Gryphon at Winters Audio

Gryphon Audio, a prominent Danish audio equipment manufacturer, is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, technological innovation, and dedication to producing high-end audio products that deliver unparalleled sound quality and performance. With a rich legacy rooted in precision engineering and a relentless pursuit of sonic perfection, Gryphon Audio has solidified its position as a leading brand in the realm of luxury audio systems.

At the heart of Gryphon Audio's ethos lies a commitment to uncompromising quality, manifested in their meticulously designed amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, and other audio components. These products are crafted with an acute attention to detail, utilising premium materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure a superior and immersive listening experience.

Gryphon Audio's products are revered for their ability to reproduce music with exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamic range, catering to the discerning tastes of audiophiles and music aficionados worldwide. The brand's dedication to both technical excellence and aesthetic elegance is evident in the sleek and sophisticated designs of their audio equipment, which seamlessly blend form and function to create a visually stunning and acoustically precise listening environment.

With a legacy of innovation and a passion for elevating the audio experience, Gryphon Audio continues to set the standard for high-fidelity sound reproduction, offering audio enthusiasts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the richness and depth of their favourite music like never before.


"Anyone Up For A Fight?"


The Danes were conquerors. 

And that trait has flowed all the way down to Gryphon products. Pit them against anything out there and frankly, they usually win.

Featured Products

Gryphon Audio Diablo 120

Gryphon Audio Diablo 120 Integrated Amplifier

The brilliantly cost-effective entry into Gryphon amplification.

Integrated Amplifier, £12,000

Gryphon Audio Essence Preamplifier

Gryphon Audio Essence Preamplifier

Astonishing tech flow-down and build quality for unrivalled investment value

On permanent demo at Winters Audio – by appointment only.

Preamplifier, line only, £16,500, PS2-S Phono Module +£2,700 or Zena DAC module +£6,000.

Gryphon Commander Preamplifier

Simply one of the best preamplifiers you can hear today.

Preamplifier, two box, £60,000

Gryphon Audio EOS 2 Speakers

The gateway speaker to the world of Gryphon

On permanent demo at Winters Audio – by appointment only.

Speakers, Pair, £22,500 (side panel colour choice red, grey or black)

Gryphon Audio 333 Integrated Amplifier

Gryphon Audio Diablo 333 Integrated Amplifier

The new Diablo 333 is coming – it's going to be good.

Arriving at Winters Audio December 2023.

Integrated Amplifier, line level, £24,500 (new DAC and Phono modules to be released soon)

Gryphon Audio Essence Power Amplifiers

Gryphon Audio Essence Power Amplifiers

The 'essence' of Gryphon class A amplification

On permanent demo at Winters Audio – by appointment only.

Power Amplifier, Stereo, £20,000. Monoblocks, Pair, £40,000

Gryphon Audio Apex Power Amplifiers

Gryphon Audio Apex Power Amplifiers

Probably one of the best power amplifiers ever built

Stereo Power Amplifier, £95,000. Monoblock Power Amplifier, pair, £190,000

Gryphon Audio Pantheon Speakers

Gryphon Audio Pantheon Speakers

Tremendously well designed, accurate and musical speakers

Speakers, Pair, £45,000. Additional custom finish side panels, set, +£5,250

Genuine Innovation


Real advancements that stand up to scrutiny both technically and in the listening experience.

True Class A Power​

  • Very few manufacturers do pure Class A amplification on this scale. The Gryphon Apex will push 1.6kW into a 1Ω load.

Pantheon 2.jpeg

Linear Phase Delivery

  • Gryphon speakers major on the ability to deliver linear phase to the listener with features such as phase accurate crossovers, aligned drivers and angled baffles.

Exemplary Build Quality

  • Analogue and digital circuitboards are built to true audiophile standards with thicker boards and plating, and clever design that eliminates almost entirely the need for internal wiring, links or jumpers.

phono board 1.jpeg

PS2-S MM/MC Phono Module

  • The PS2-S is an updated version of the renowned PS2. A brilliant quality phono module that can be installed into any of the integrated amps, plus the Essence and Zena preamps.

zena dac module 1.jpeg

Meet Flemming E. Rasmussen


The founder of Gryphon Audio Design, Flemming E. Rasmussen has created one of the most important brands in the world of high-end audio.

Flemming Rasmussen_edited.jpg

The Winters Audio Experience

Such a strong Brand

Whenever we talk about Gryphon, one word always comes to the fore – Strong. And we don't just mean in sound quality terms (more on that in a moment) but rather the logic of the product range, the jaw dropping design, the meticulous attention to detail and fundamentally, the determination to do what's required to meet the need of performance goals. Everything from power supplies, component choices and circuit topology, to RFI and anti-vibration management, is big, bold and spot-on – absolutely no part is weak in its application.

And this shines through with sound quality. Gryphon is always rich, fast and exciting; loaded with texture, dynamics and endless transparency. But the musical rewards are all there too – drama and suspense, beauty and character, and a view into the recorded event that always leaves you in wonder. 


In the end, that's where the strength of Gryphon takes you.

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