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Elegant design and control systems matched to groundbreaking digital replay that delivers great usability and astonishing sonic results

Grimm at Winters Audio

At Winters Audio, we have a lot of love for the Grimm Audio MU1 and MU2. For those seeking an elegant, simple digital front end solution, we think they are unmatched at their price point. 


Grimm is one of those brands that doesn't shout too much about what they do – yet if you've had your ear to the ground these past few years, you are sure to have heard of Tent Labs and their superb work on things like voltage regulators and clock circuits. DIY and upgrade enthusiasts have long been raving about them. So Guido Tent and Eelco Grimm (Internationally recognized expert in loudness normalization matters, contributing to EBU R128 for broadcast and AES 77 for music streaming) have formed Grimm Audio in order to manufacture complete components that combine their talents and meet their exacting standards. And in essence, this is why the results are so good.

So please see more below about the brand, and have a read through our descriptions of the MU1 and MU2. Then perhaps give us a call to discuss how one of these machines might warrant being at the top of your upgrade plan.


Featured Products

Grimm Audio MU1

Grimm Audio MU1

A class leading streamer of superlative quality

Streamer, no storage £12,000.00, 2TB SSD £12,300.00, 8TB SSD £12,774.00

Grimm Audio MU2

Grimm Audio MU2

A sophisticated high-end streamer/DAC/preamp offering superb features and musicality

Streamer/DAC/preamp, no storage £16,950.00, 2TB SSD £17,250.00, 8TB SSD £17,724.00

Technical Achievement

Years of Painstaking Development

Low-noise Throughout​

With the long history of Guido Tent's expertise (Tent Labs) in areas such as clock design and power supplies, the Grimm products contain industry leading design from the bottom-up.


Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)​

Grimm's unique approach to DAC design in the MU2 uses an in-house designed FPGA that delivers an exceptionally transparent sound. 


Browser Control​

You can access the control system of the MU1 and MU2 directly through a browser on your laptop or tablet for all the initial setup tasks or downstream re-configuration. Software updates from Grimm are uploaded automatically.


Grimm Audio

Meet The Founders 

Eelco Grimm


Guido Tent

The Winters Audio Experience


Eelco Grimm and Guido Tent have a long history in the audio business. Their backgrounds are different though – Eelco is more about art, and Guido more about the science. And perhaps it's this combination that makes the Grimm Audio products so good.

With the MU1 & MU2, their technical prowess is evident from everything about the way they work, to the levels of musical detail, clarity and resolution.


But then the art kicks in. Musicality, emotion, excitement and joy spring forth in a way that is unusual in digital components. 

Yep, it's the dedication to the cause that makes these products worth every penny.

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