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Elegant design and control systems matched to groundbreaking digital replay delivers great usability and astonishing sonic results

Grimm Audio MU2

A sophisticated high-end streamer/DAC/preamp offering superb features and musicality

Streamer/DAC/preamp, no storage £16,950.00, 2TB SSD £17,250.00, 8TB SSD £17,724.00

Grimm Audio MU2

About the MU2

The MU2 is a single box machine comprised of three parts. There is a music streamer front end, a superb hybrid technology DAC and a reference quality analog pre amp. In essence this machine continues what the MU1 started (the MU1 is a stand alone streamer) and adds the DAC and preamplifier into the same elegant case.

The streamer contains Roon Labs server plus Tidal and Qobuz support and can run from external USB/LAN or NAS storage, plus it can be configured with an optional internal SSD. Then the built-in DAC takes full advantage of Grimm Audio's low jitter clock design and high performance FPGA processor that enables Grimm's preferred hybrid conversion approach (see tech insight).

And coming on to the high-precision preamp section, the relay-based analog volume control enables the MU2 to become a genuine reference preamp for both digital and analog sources.

Grimm Audio MU2

Tech Insight

The guys at Grimm Audio have re-visited the fundamental concepts of DAC architecture. Using what they now call 'Major DAC', they have created a conversion topology that uses some of the advantages of multi-bit and some of the advantages of bitstream. According to Grimm, this hybrid conversion topology avoids linearity problems present by using either one technology on its own. This approach then allows different digital filtering designs that is said to significantly improve the listening experience. It's pretty complicated stuff though, so for the real techies, you should check out the Grimm Audio blog on the matter. See blog here


  • Roon Server integrated (up till 100k tracks)

  • ultra low clock jitter

  • FPGA based discrete Major DAC

  • all sample rates and formats supported

  • relay based analog volume control

  • digital AES, spdif and optical inputs

  • analog XLR and RCA inputs

  • analog XLR and RCA outputs

  • headphone output

  • web control of setup via any browser

  • infrared remote control

  • external USB and NAS storage, optional internal SSD

  • Tidal and Qobuz support

  • 355 x 85 x 295mm (WxHxD)

  • 5 year limited warranty

Grimm Audio MU2

Matching & Setup

In fundamental terms, setup of the MU2 is no different to any other high-end source. Good cables (particularly digital ones), good mains and good supports are required of course, but it's downstream setup and system capability that is important here.

The MU2 is a very wide bandwith, dynamic and detailed machine. It needs good amplification and speakers that are set up well in the room, that have good natural control and transparency. Lots of power isn't necessarily required – a good valve amp with efficient speakers gives spectacular results. Alternatively of course, you might be considering the MU2 as a single-box source for active speakers. The streamer/DAC/preamp combination fits the bill practically and sonically too – with plenty of performace to match high-end actives. 

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