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There's Nothing Else Like It


Quiescent's extraordinary combination of electronic design, structural design, materials, electronic noise reduction and acoustic noise reduction puts it in a league of one.

Quiescent at Winters Audio



Quiescent is a brand that covers an awful lot of bases. Its origins come from system infrastructure building – and major on the idea that even small levels of EMI and RFI, plus unwanted acoustic vibration, are absolute performance killers. Quiescent's products target such contamination at all points through a system, from the digital feeds, all the way to component supports.

And now they have taken their thinking into amplification. Indeed, their first two power amplifiers are seriously turning heads in the business. If you have not yet heard one then may we suggest that you do. Soon.

So, as usual, please don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss the Quiescent range, demonstrations and buying.

The Quiescent Products

Noise is Collateral Damage


Put a system together, play music, and something precious always takes a hit. Well, almost always.

Drain Vibration​​


Lowering acoustic vibration in system components is a game-changer and should always be considered a fundamental of good system setup. In our experience, Quiescent couplers are simply the best way to do this.

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Prevent Contamination


Quiescent cabling and absorption modules significantly reduce unwanted vibration and RFI passing between components, drastically lowering the noise floor and reducing smearing.

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Go Balanced​


Going to balanced mains using a Quiescent Balanced Supply eliminates so many mains problems at a stroke. And with all the usual Quiescent anti-vibration techniques applied internally, their balanced supplies are probably the quietest in the business.

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Meet Nigel Payne of Quiescent

Taking the lead of the transition from the old Vertex AQ into the new Quiescent, Nigel has forged a brand with a new level of innovation.

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The Winters Audio Experience

A fundamental element


We have a very long history with the concepts of the Quiescent product range. We were one of the original Vertex AQ dealers, so the idea of equipment grounding, mains conditioning, lowering EMI and RFI, and so-on, are in our blood as they say. 

But now, as Quiescent, the products have evolved to a whole new level – in terms of design, finish and delivering even more performance. The critically important thing here is to consider the Quiescent products as a strategy – not individual items.


We have found so many times that system building can get to that point where further improvements can seem unattainable – the law of diminishing returns. But it's not true. It's just that system's end up being held back by their own noise and pollution levels. Trying a few Quiescent pieces can be a technical revelation and a jaw dropping listening experience. This just might be the only way of accessing the highest levels of musical enjoyment.

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