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"Amplifiers – pure and simple"


Some 35 miles northeast of Sacramento, California, lies Pass Laboratories. From here, come some of the best amplifiers the world has ever heard.

Quiescent at Winters Audio



Selected Products

Quiescent Peak Mains Shunt Module

High-speed mains filtration lowers the noise floor for improved dynamics and timing

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Quiescent Peak Speaker Modules

A game-changer in transparency and realism

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Quiescent Apex Speaker Cables

A true high-end speaker cable

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Quiescent Peak Speaker Cables

Great allround performance

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Quiescent Apex Digital Interconnects

An exceptional digital cable from Quiescent

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Quiescent Apex Analogue Interconnect

Quiescent's flagship analogue interconnect.

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Quiescent Peak Analogue Interconnects

The Quiescent entry level analogue interconnect

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A Pass Labs amplifier is always something special. With such a long history of development, together with all the skill and experience that comes with such a track record, you can be sure of finding a Pass product that is perfect for your next upgrade. 

Please don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss demonstrations and buying.

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