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There's Nothing Else Like It


Quiescent's extraordinary combination of electronic and structural design, materials, electronic noise reduction and acoustic noise reduction puts it in a league of one.

Quiescent T–Series Balanced Power Supply

This brilliant balanced mains supply delivers so much more poise and refinement.

Unit, natural or black, £16,300.00.

Quiescent T–Series Balanced Power Supply

About the T-Series Balanced Power Supply

If you are really trying to push the boundaries of transparency and resolution, then you need to give the Quiescent T-Series Balanced PSU some serious thought. And the place to start with your considerations is what you would sensibly match it with?

Well, from our portfolio, you would be considering things like the Ideon Absolute Stream and Absolute DAC, feeding either the Gryphon Essence or Commander preamp. These units, as a serious front end, are in the order of say £100 - £150k, so the T-Series PSU represents a modest 10% to15% extra investment. Looked at in this way, you then start to ask yourself why wouldn't you want to feed those exceptional components with one of the finest balanced power supplies ever produced?

In performance terms, when used in a high-end context, the quality of this Quiescent unit brings extra transparency, three-dimensionality and scale. The whole soundscape is freer, more alive and more engaging. The noise floor clearly drops and shows off high end components at their absolute best. 

Quiescent T–Series Balanced Power Supply

Tech Insight

On the Quiescent website, they use the expression 'The transformer is fully coupled using our patented QPower™ vibration absorption technology to prevent ultra-sonic vibration'. Snake oil you may ask? Not at all, and in simple terms it's relatively easy to explain.

You should do some listening tests, in your own system, of a few sets of the Quiescent couplers and two or three of the Quiescent mains leads with the Peak mains modules. By using these components you will introduce significant vibration reduction in your components, and along your mains leads (electrical conductors are great acoustic conductors – string and paper cups anyone?). The sonic improvements are readily apparent and profound. So why wouldn't Quiescent, in this very high end component, apply all that technology straight onto the balanced transformer? 

Quiescent say that in listening test whilst developing the T-Series supply, the refinement of the anti-vibration approach right onto the transformer and its wiring added new levels of performance that was simply unachievable any other way. So of course, this is what they have done.


Power Outputs

Sockets 1-4, balanced -115-0-115Va.c. up to -120-0-120Va.c., 50-60Hz Neutrik PowerCON (total max load 750W) utilising common mode noise rejection.

Sockets 5 & 6, birect 230-240V a.c., 50-60Hz Neutrik PowerCON (total max. load 1,500W).

Input, via IEC C16 socket, 230-240V a.c., 50-60Hz.

Isolation Technology

Transformer and Input, custom-wound fully balanced toroid directly coupled to patented QPower™ module.

In and out high-speed shunt filter and inline EMI/RFI absorption.

Output Sockets, Quiescent proprietary mechanical and EMI/RFI absorption and grounding, inline mechanical and EMI/RFI isolation module.

Independent Balanced and Direct isolated rear panel sub-plates for maximum mechanical separation of sensitive source component from high-power electronics


Finish, bead blasted natural or black anodised high-grade aluminium and non-metallic top.

Weight, 28Kg.

Dimensions (HxWxD), 140x440x430mm.

Grounding, M5 binding post on rear panel.

Matching & Setup

The T-Series Balanced Supply can be placed on the floor or a shelf on a hifi rack. It uses a normal IEC mains input lead but all the outputs are Neutric Powecon Sockets so you will need all your mains feed cables to be fitted with Powercon male connectors (a choice that Quiescent says offers considerable sonic benefits over standard domestic plugs and sockets).

The unit's six outputs are configured differently, four are balanced and two are unbalanced outputs. And the balanced outputs are limited to a combined power draw of 500VA. So you have to be selective in which components you use the balanced power for – you should feed large amplifiers from the unbalanced outlets (still very well filtered of course). On a typical system you would run say streamer, DAC and pre-amp from the balanced sockets, and power amps from the unbalanced sockets. 

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