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There's Nothing Else Like It


Quiescent's extraordinary combination of electronic and structural design, materials, electronic noise reduction and acoustic noise reduction puts it in a league of one.

Quiescent Peak and Apex Mains Cables

The Peak Mains Lead is exceptional. The Apex version is even better.

Example prices. Peak mains leads 1.0m £680.00 – £1,060.00 depending on connectors. Apex 1.0m £1,270.00 – £1,550.00 depending on connectors. Increasing lengths/prices up to 3.0m on application.

Quiescent Peak and Apex Mains Cables

About The Peak & Apex Mains Leads

Quiescent takes mains power very seriously. They provide customers with an array of solution options, both in terms of application and performance. Central to this strategy are the Peak and Apex Mains Leads. First with these leads there is the option of UK13A or Powercon connectors – and we discuss this in more detail in the Matching & Setup section below. 

The main features of these mains leads are, in essence, the same as the other Quiescent cables. Teflon air-tube insulation and proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing over entire length for low RF noise and Quiescent's usual ABS Acoustic dampening outer braiding. And also of course, the Peak leads use a solid core 10% silver-plated OFC conductor and the Apex leads employ a solid core 99.99% pure silver conductor. 

The quality of these leads is exceptional – with both the Peak and the Apex performing at the top of their respective price points. It is however, the synergy of the cables when combined with the other Quiescent mains products that truly makes them special. And in that context, we think that as part of an overall mains solution, there is nothing else comparable.

Quiescent Peak and Apex Mains Cables

Tech Insight

We've already discussed the Powercon connectors, but what about the UK13A plugs used, and the IEC plugs too? The 13A plugs are from MSHD; on the Peak, Quiescent use the silver-plated on copper version, and on the Apex they use the Rhodium-plated on copper version. Quiescent say these are excellent plugs, both for the quality of the plating and the build quality. Indeed, like all the fittings and connectors Quiescent choose, the structural robustness is important for vibrational control and long-term internal connection reliability too.

The same quality aspects also apply to the MSHD silver-plated and Rhodium-plated IEC connectors. These male IEC connectors are particularly well designed in terms of their fit and security when connected to component input sockets.


Peak Mains Lead

Plug options – Choice of MSHD UK13A Silver, or MSHD Schuko Silver, or Neutrik powerCON.

Equipment socket options – Choice of, MSHD silver IEC C15/C16 (10A) orFurutech silver IEC C19 (16A).

Conductors, 1.5mm 10% silver-filled oxygen-free copper conductors with over 25A current capability for very low cable resistance.

Apex Mains Lead

Plug options – Choice of, MSHD UK13A Rhodium plug, or MSHD Schuko Rhodium plug, or Neutrik powerCON.

Equipment socket options – Choice of, MSHD Rhodium IEC C15, or MSHD Rhodium IEC C19, or Furutech FI-12L Rhodium IEC C16.

Conductors, Twin 1.25mm solid silver conductors per Earth, Neutral and Live with over 30A current capability for very low cable resistance.

Peak & Apex Leads

Cable Construction, Teflon™ air-tube insulation and proprietary EMI/RFI absorption tubing over entire length for low noise.

Outer Covering, ABS acoustic dampening outer braiding.

Matching & Setup

If you look at these leads and the other mains products too, you will see that there are two themes for connection options – Standard UK13A plugs and sockets or Powercon axial plugs and sockets. Both the Peak and Apex power leads are available with the UK13A plugs, and the Quiescent 300VA Balanced Mains Block is configured with UK13A sockets. However, both the 500VA Balanced Mains Supply, and the Peak Mains Modules, are only available with the Powercon sockets. Naturally then, the Peak and Apex leads are also available with the Powercon plugs. 

So part of the 'application' decision pivots around which path you may want to go down – UK 13A or Powercon – and the level of other mains components you want to aim for as well. Going up to the Peak Mains modules and/or the 500VA balanced supply necessitates using Powercon equipped cables downstream – an obviously more costly route, but one that ultimately delivers a lot more performance. 

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