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There's Nothing Else Like It


Quiescent's extraordinary combination of electronic and structural design, materials, electronic noise reduction and acoustic noise reduction puts it in a league of one.

Quiescent Peak Ground Module

Using the Quiescent Grounding Modules can lower the noise floor even further.

Module, each £2,840.00

Quiescent Peak Ground Module

About The Peak Grounding Module

The Peak Grounding Modules extend the scope of system optimisation considerably. They are a moveable point of vibration and RFI grounding capability, with two inputs (binding posts). With two leads configured with spades/bananas one end, and any type of connector at the other, a connection can be made at suitable locations to create a drain. These points might be, for example, the binding posts on the rear of your speakers, or chassis ground connectors on components. Or perhaps they might be unused input ot output sockets on source components or a pre-amp.

The point is, there are often noisy parts of a system that are sitting in a highly polluted state that can be effectively targeted with these grounding modules. It might be for example, that the grounds of delicate input and output circuits such as between a phono stage and preamp are noisy, both electrically and with vibration. Using a couple of spare sockets (in most components, grounds are usually common across all chassis sockets) and connecting up a Peak Grounding Module at these sorts of points can bring startling results.

Note that the right leads for your requirements might need varying connector specifications so please ask us about your specific application.

Quiescent Peak Ground Module

Tech Insight

There is a great similarity between the principles of the Quiescent couplers and these grounding modules. They both provide a low acoustic impedance path from an outside object or component, into their own structure, to drain acoustics energy and disipate it. The couplers use a spike and these modules use a cable. And ditto for RFI too – again they both provide a conductive path for micro RFI currents and dissipate them internally.


Absorption Technology

EMI/RFI absorption, patented multi-phase, wide-bandwidth electrical labyrinth and proprietary EMI tubing.

Mechanical absorption, proprietary casework design with 3D passive acoustic absorption materials.


Ultra-low resonant high-grade solid block aluminium casework.

Connectors, WBT nextgen™ silver pole terminals to accept grounding leads with either 4mm bananas or 8mm spades.

Dimensions – LxWxH (mm) 240x150x75.

Weight, 4.5 Kgs.

Grounding Leads sold seperately to your individual specification

Matching & Setup

So, much like a good business looks for new oppportunities, with these grounding modules you can look for new opportunities to drain vibration and RFI out of your system. Each module has two connectors so with a pair of modules, one can easily be hooked up at the rear of each of your speakers. Or maybe you have spare input and output connectors on source components – one module can be used to hook up to a spare set of left and right line level sockets perhaps. And if you want to use more modules, maybe for chassis grounding posts too, they are designed to be effectively stacked to ease space requirements.

And much like the Quiescent couplers and mains shunt filters, these grounding blocks to not require any fundamental change to your system. So they are great for having a try with the 'Quiescent juice' to see if it's to your taste, or for adding additional capability without big or costly upgrades to the rest of your system. 

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