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Kii Audio Kii Three

The key product in the Kii range. Staggering performance in a refined package.


Kii Three System,  (2 x Kii Three - 1 x Kii Control – inc cables), standard colours, £14,955.00. Premium colours, £16,371.00.

Kii Three single speaker, standard colours £7,188.00. Premium colours £7,788.00.

See specs for colour choices 

About the Kii Three

By harnessing their in-house 'Active Wave Focusing' technology, the Kii THREE employs a unique six-driver configuration capable of generating a seamlessly coherent and precisely aligned wave front directed predominantly forward. This sophisticated DSP effectively functions in reverse to a directional cardioid microphone, significantly lowering any rearward radiation from the driver system. Consequently, the listener experiences a unified delivery of sound from the speaker, with a significant reduction in the surrounding room's interference.

The Kii THREE system has six channels of powerful Class D amplification tailored for six drivers that are mounted on the front, sides, and rear. This setup packs an impressive 1500W of power in each cabinet. The system features enhanced Ncore modules known for their efficiency, now equipped with a voltage/current control loop that reduces distortion in the drive units. This upgrade significantly contributes to the Kii THREE's top-notch resolution and overall sound quality.

The Kii THREE's hallmark lies in its impeccable clarity, meticulous detailing, and excellent timing, further accentuated by its adept management of room acoustics. Its prowess in delivering music with an unparalleled vitality and flair can match even the most exceptional audiophile setups, establishing the Kii Threes as a real force in the world of high-end audio.

Tech Insight

There are two elements to the design of the Kii THREES that are worthy of further discussion – as their sonic impact is considerable. The first is that the Ncore modules (the most efficient of their kind in the world) have been especially enhanced with a combined voltage/current control loop that significantly drops the measured distortion of the individual drive units compared to when they are driven with normal Class D modules. The second is the proprietary DSP 'radiation pattern' algorithms that create the cardioid dispersion of the speaker. The benefit of cardioid directivity is simple – it radiates 4.8dB less energy into the room for the same on-axis SPL than an omnidirectional radiation pattern, which means you hear more of the loudspeaker and less of the room. 


Compact DSP-controlled monitor speaker

4 x 6.5” woofer, 1 x 5” midrange, 1” wave-guided tweeter, all individually driven

Amplification: 6 x 250W full-custom Ncore (power consumption in standby < 0.5W)

Active Wave Focusing crossover filter

Frequency response: 20Hz to 25kHz +/- 0.5dB

Phase response: minimum (best possible time coherence)

Long term SPL(*): 105dB / Short term SPL(*): 110dB / Peak SPL: 115dB

Controlled Directivity: 4.8dB (80Hz - 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)

Size: 20 x 40 x 40cm (W x H x D)

Weight: 15kg

Inputs: Analogue, AES/EBU

Selectable correction for free-standing, near wall or in corner

Latency: normal mode = approx. 90ms / low latency mode = 1,030μs (1.03ms)

(*)IEC60268-5 Paragraph 20.6

Colour Choices:

Standard Colours: FineTouch White - FineTouch Dark Grey - Graphite Satin Metallic - High Gloss White

Premium Colours: Iced Bronze Metallic - Azzurro High Gloss - Spring Green - Nardo Grey High Gloss - Tempranillo Red Metallic - Phoenix Orange Metallic - Iced Green Metallic (NEW) - Rosso Corsa High Gloss (NEW) - Iced Titanium Metallic (NEW) - Iced Sapphire Metallic (NEW)

Kii Control can be supplied in all colours to match

Matching & Setup

Compared to 'conventional' speakers, the setup of any of the Kii products is a different proposition. The cardioid radiation pattern gives you a totally different baseline, with that '4.8 dB less energy' (see tech insight above) to reduce the risk of overdriving the room.  But the Kii Three is also equipped with two variable controls that can be used to further tailor the DSP algorithms. There's a sixteen position (free / wall / corner) Boundary switch that allows the DSP to compensate for room positioning, and a Contour control selects from fourteen preset EQ curves (+ flat-position) to fine tune the system’s linear frequency response according to the tonal behaviour of your listening room. 

The overall effect of all this tech is that you have far more control of the integration of the speaker's acoustics and your room's acoustics, plus much greater flexibility with speaker positioning. Often, for customer's who have challenging room and domestic requirements (ie most of us!), the Kii Threes offer a level of integrated and problem-free performance that can be difficult to achieve with conventional setups.

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