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New York, New York


So good they named it twice.

In a way the same goes for Alta speakers – we've been saying the name repeatedly here for weeks.


And if you didn't know, Alta are based in New York of course.

Alta Audio Alec

Incredible grip and presence from this stunning floor-stander

Pair, piano gloss black, £9,000.00 / beech or rosewood high gloss, £10,000.00 / custom finishes £12,000.00

Demonstration by appointment only

About the Alec

The first floor-stander in the Alta lineup. But it's epic. It doesn't seem like anything is wanting when you fire these up. The cabinet build and bass loading are perhaps the best place to start the discussion because those two elements have a fundamental impact on performance. There is a lack of boxiness that comes from the use of Alta Audio’s exclusive DampHard multi-layered, multi-density cabinet material – the freedom of the sound projecting into the room is astonishing. Then there is Alta's hybrid transmission line/reflex loading that controls and couples the bass driver to the room with incredible precision and drive.

The drivers themselves are very special. The XTL bass driver and pure aluminium ribbon tweeter are seamlessly integrated, and provide a level of transparency and realism that defies expectations. From the delicate and airy treble to the near subsonic bass, the experience is totally 'full-range'. 

The fit and finish of the whole package is sublime too. The veneers and lacquers are of the finest grade and frankly the pictures don't do them justice. And we think it's fair to say that we are very excited about these speakers at Winters Audio.

Tech Insight

The novel bass loading that is impressively employed in the Alyssa stand-mounts is extended both physically and sonically in the Alec. The Company has come up with a combination of a folded transmission line, constructed within the lower cabinet, that then exits through a reflex style port. Alta says this enables far better control of the driver loading throughout the lower end of the frequency range, and combines the best features of a transmission line and reflex port in sonic terms. 

The result of this is a genuine frequency response down to 32Hz. And indeed, when listening, the Alec's gentle roll-off (compared to a straight reflex loaded design), delivers lots of information below that.

Matching & Setup

If you are considering upgrading to the Alec from a more conventional and smaller speaker then you need to be prepared for the prodigious bass output on offer here. It's brilliant bass, but in room and setup terms you cannot think of this as a simple drop-in replacement. The bass loading of the Alec isn't particularly fussy or as room dependent as a purely reflex design, but it pressurises a room in the sense of a true full bandwidth design. However, and this is the beauty the Alec, if you're ready to go to the full range option, then we can't imagine a better and more affordable solution than the Alec.

Amplifier matching isn't difficult because of the speakers fairly high efficiency, but take note of the 4 Ohm impedance. Drive it with really good quality amp and source components though and the Alec will lay out every beautiful nuance, every passionate emotion and every thundering crescendo in such a rich and immersive experience it will take your breath away.



93 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter


4 Ohms

Frequency Response

32Hz to 47kHz

Power Requirements

50 to 150 Watts per channel


39 inches, 40.5 inches with spikes


8.5 inches at top, 15 inches at bottom


10.5 inches at top, 12.5 inches at bottom



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