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New York, New York


So good they named it twice.

In a way the same goes for Alta speakers – we've been saying the name repeatedly here for weeks.


And if you didn't know, Alta are based in New York of course.

Alta Audio Alyssa

Entry level, but definitely not low level!

Pair, piano gloss black, £5,000.00 / beech or rosewood high gloss, £6,000.00 / custom finishes £7,795.00

Demonstration by appointment only

About the Alyssa

The Alyssa is Alta Audio's compact stand mount speaker. It's a two-way configuration with a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter and a 6" long-throw mid-bass woofer. Both of the drivers are very special. The tweeter, now in its fourth generation, uses pure aluminium and offers an incredibly flat and extended frequency response. The woofer benefits from the use of a titanium former which is said to add considerable speed and dynamics, and has impressive power handling.

Next to discuss, is Alta Audio’s exclusive DampHard multi-layered, multi-density cabinet material. This complex layered construction provides a very inert and self-damping cabinet structure. It's noticeably very dead with the knuckle test, and is said to be a major benefit to the lack of boxiness. The overall shape of the speaker breaks up the problem of parallel sides of course. 

Then there is the loading. Alta’s proprietary XTL Bass (patent pending) employs a novel combination of transmission line and bass reflex principles. The result is excellent damping of rear driver energy and very effective, consistent and tuneful bass output.

Tech Insight

All of the Alta products feature a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter. And it is a true flat ribbon and not an AMT device (that use pleated drivers). Employing incredibly strong neodymium magnets with the ultra-light ribbon suspended in between, this arrangement offers incredibly smooth and precise treble response. Of real significance is the way that the whole ribbon surface is driven, unlike any dome tweeter that can be prone to spitty distortion and breakup. The result is a much more natural 'organic' presentation with beautifully extended highs and incredible imaging.

Matching & Setup

Okay, the Alyssa is a small speaker with a big sound. The bass loading principles employed delivers remarkably clear, extended and powerful bass for a speaker of such size, so room positioning considerations will be more like a larger floor stander and not a small stand-mount. The quality of construction also means the speakers maintain control at relatively high levels, so room filling sound can be produced without power limitations or cabinet colourations to 'give it away'.

Amplification choice requires fairly strong power output to deliver the best from the Alyssa, noting the 4 Ohm load. A good 50W valve amp using the 4 Ohm taps, or 100W of solid state will be a good match. 

And quality delivers astonishing results here. So right through the system, with a great front end and amplification plus good system infrastructure, can deliver superb musical results with fabulous grip and involvement.



87.5 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter


4 Ohms

Frequency Response

32Hz to 47kHz +/- 3 dB

Power Requirements

50 to 150 Watts per channel


14.5 inches, 15 inches with spikes


8 inches at top, 9.6 inches at bottom


13.25 inches at top, 14.25 inches at bottom



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