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New York, New York


So good they named it twice.

In a way the same goes for Alta speakers – we've been saying the name repeatedly here for weeks.


And if you didn't know, Alta are based in New York of course.

Alta Audio Celesta FRM–2M

The stand-mount monitor from Alta's Reference Series

Pair, piano gloss black, £15,000.00 / custom finishes £18,.000

Demonstration by appointment only

About the Celesta FRM–2M

The Celesta FRM–2M is the baby of Alta's Reference Series. A design that aims to meet the physical requirements of a small ultra-high-quality monitor but with the bass extension of a much larger speaker. 

The design contains the same fundamental elements as the Statement Series, but at a higher component and construction quality level. Its two-way, with a pure aluminium ribbon tweeter and a bass driver that's loaded with Altas clever XTL hybrid transmission line/reflex technology. It employs the Damphard multi layered cabinet construction, but here with multiple layers of an ultra-hard, ultra-high gloss polyester finish to further reduce cabinet colourations.

The combination of the Celesta's attributes combine into a staggeringly accurate audio soundscape. In true monitor style, imaging is exceptional, as is timbre and micro detail. But that accuracy also comes with an unexpected richness and solidity. Lower tones are full, and sonorous and bass is fast, tight and deep – a testament to Alta's hybrid bass loading approach.

Overall, this speaker is a staggering achievement, in the mould of some of the greatest loudspeaker designs ever conceived. 

Tech Insight

One of the areas that the Reference Series differs from the Statement Series (Alyssa, Alec, Adam) is in the quality of crossover components.The Celesta FRM-2M uses the highest grade silver foil capacitors and extra-large Litz wire inductors (with ten gauge OFC wire) in a special configuration. Alta says these improvements helps to blend the drivers with such accuracy that vocal and instrumental details are presented with remarkable clarity, and the natural timbre of the music is preserved.

Matching & Setup

This Celesta FRM–2M has around average sensitivity and 4 Ohm impedance. So amplification choice needs to have reasonable power and be current capable. A 50W valve amp on its 4 Ohm taps or a solid state that can deliver 100W into 4 Ohms is a reasonable starting point.

Setup is relatively easy once the bass response is understood. That is, this speaker behaves partly like a mini-monitor and partly like a much larger speaker. Indeed, in small to medium size rooms, the combination of its talents enable a setup that results in superb imaging and freedom from room interactions, combined with considerable bass drive and extension.



87.5db / 2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter


4 Ohms

Frequency Response

29Hz to 47kHz

Power Requirements

50 to 200 Watts


17 inches including spikes (16.5 inches without spikes)


10.75 inches (widest point)


15.5 inches (widest point)



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