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The Gryphon is Here!


Our Diablo 333 integrated amplifier has arrived and we've been putting it through it's paces. And it's fair to say that it's shocked us with its incredible performance. See our latest blog for our first listening impressions.

TAD Compact Evolution One Speakers

Winters Audio



Whatever your living space and preferred choice of music, we can help you to achieve the sound of your dreams. The brands we represent all produce high performance, high quality products, with an honest level of sincerity and integrity in pursuit of high-end audio goals.


We are always putting different systems together to find the best synergy between brands and music genres. In essence all the hard work is done by us, all you need to do is tell us how you would like your system to sound.


Your Hifi journey can begin and end with Winters Audio – we guarantee to find a musical solution that will keep you listening joyfully for years to come.

Revival Audio Sprint 3 Speakers

Bergmann manufacture air bearing turntables and linear tracking air bearing tonearms. Well, that's the simple way of putting it.

But it only takes a couple of minutes with one of their products to realise you're in the presence of something truly remarkable. 

The design, the finish, the precision, the functionality – and the sound. Oh, the sound. This is vinyl replay like you've never heard it before. Yep, air bearings, floating arm tubes, zero bearing noise, decoupling – the sound literally comes out of thin air, hangs in front of you – almost completely disconnected from it's earthly bonds.

Galder and Odin white and black.jpeg
Kii THREE BXT - GC HiFi AU.jpg

Kii products offer a true high-end alternative for those looking for outstanding performance with a different design and style approach that also uses the best of class D and DSP technology for seamless room integration.

At first we weren't too sure what the significance of those driver configurations and fancy DSP engines really was – cardioid dispersion they said, no boundary effects they said, position them where you like they said. Is that possible? Well, now we just laugh because it is possible. And it's right here. Welcome to Kii

Ideon logo

A tour-de-force in the world of digital, Ideon has arrived at Winters Audio. 

You can read the reviews, but you have to listen to Ideon to understand the significance of this brand. Digital engineering sounds so easy these days – anyone seemingly can buy a few modules and slap them into a box – but results that way are always mediocre at best.

Ideon works from the bottom-up, eliminating everything that is not necessary and honing to perfection everything that is. 

Ideo Audio Absolute Setup in Lounge

Gryphon products are very special. Up there with the absolute best, they will shock you with their quality and performance. 

And boy have they moved the goalposts recently. The latest technology gains found in the Commander/Apex and Essence pre/power combos have changed some fundamentals of solid state amplification. For example, a ten times reduction in transistor junction capacitance has released a hitherto unheard level of tonal vibrancy and realism.


And those improvements are about to be launched in the new Diablo 333 – coming to Winters Audio in October 2023! 

Revival Audio logo

A new speaker company – with a history? Yes, the founders of this young French brand have decades of speaker design experience under their belts. 

So what we have here is an amazing blend of classic gallic design and some real hard-hitting technical innovation. Things like their new rear energy control devices and basalt sandwich cone construction are a game changer for performance at this price point.


Honestly, the capability of these affordable speakers has been blowing us away.

Revival Audio Atalante 5 Speakers
TAD Amplifiers
TAD logo

TAD is one of our main brands at Winters Audio. We believe in their products with a passion. Fundamentally everything they make is musical – combined with all the hifi metrics you can think of; grip, drive, detail, soundstage, timing, subtlety and transparency. 

And TAD is a manufacturer you can totally rely on. Innovative design and intelligent solutions, superb build quality and bullet proof reliability. Honestly, what's not to love?

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