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Kii Three

with BXT Module Audio System

  • Full-size floorstanding DSP controlled monitor speaker system.

  • 12 x 6.5” woofer, 1 x 5” midrange, 1 x 1” waveguided tweeter.

  • Amplification: full custom class D, 250W per drive unit, arranged in 6 groups.

  • Active Wave Focusing crossover filter

  • Frequency response: 20Hz (-3dB) – 25kHz, flatness ± 0,5dB (*)

  • Integrated tone control

  • Phase response: selectable, linear phase or minimum latency

  • Protection limiters

Now on demo, the breathe taking performance that will bring a new level of muiscality to your system.

Talk to us about the Kubala's magic!






"I was transfixed by the way vocals nested unwaveringly within the venue’s soundspace. Singers were replicated with nuance and sensitivity as the ME1 captured each vocal inflection, from deep chest sounds to airy falsetto. The speaker didn’t favor male or female singers either".

Absolutesound Magazine

Every important brand have their pinnacle product, Nautilus for Patek Philippe, Aston Martin has DB9 etc etc.  As for the YBA, their signature range, they are not just a show off piece, the statement of what they can do but YBA Signature also represent ultra highend sound and build quality comparable to other highend brand at twice or even three time of it's price .  Can you afford to say no to demonstration on YBA signature range?

Full range available, please call us for pricing or talk about "best possible price on Part Exchange"

Legendary Nelson Pass's design, build to last, incredible sound!

The XA-30.8 power amplifier is the star of the show but if money is no object then the XS range is simply breath taking.

For the analog lover, the XP17 phonostage is the best seller, sound dead neutral with inky black background.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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