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"Can this really be digital?"


Ideon push the boundaries of digital design to the point where you question everything you thought you knew about the recorded arts

Ideon Audio Eos Time

Dramatically reduces noise and jitter, revealing a wealth of detail and refinement.


Digital re-clocker, silver or black, £6,750

About the Eos Time

Containing a lot of the innovation from the Absolute Time, the Eos Time delivers an awful lot of performance for the money. Indeed, when considering building a truly great digital front end, even with main components from other brands, adding an Eos Time into the digital stream is invariably a game-changer. Using much of the Ideon re-clocking technology, the Eos Time employs ultra low noise power supplies and both input and output buffering and reclocking of both SPDIF and USB data. And from the very successful Ideon 3R USB reclocker, the Eos Time uses an upgraded version of the 'tripple distilation' USB re-processing for a huge improvement in USB streaming.


USB type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec

PCM, DSD Full Compatibility

OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)

USB POWER RAIL Switchable 5V on/off

USB BUFFERING Four Asynchronous Endpoint Buffers

POWER SUPPLY Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply

OUTPUT POWER 600mA ultra low noise 5 volt USB


DIMENSIONS (W X H X D)460 x 295 x 110 mm ( (18.1 x 11.5 x 2.9 in)

WEIGHT 10 kg (~ 22 lbs)

Tech Insight

All of the Ideon products contain what is called USB Stack Support. USB Stack is a term that is used witin the design and aplication of USB served components. USB stacks include solutions not only for common functions like HID, Hub and Mass Storage but also for more sophisticated requirements. This means developers can exploit USB to its full capability with ease without having to worry about developing highly specialized drivers. USB stacks support all USB endpoint transfer types and interface speeds including Low (1.5Mbs), Full (12Mbs) and High Speed (480Mbps)... 

Or to put it more simply – whatever you plug in will work.

Matching & Setup

As with any of the other Ideon products – the Eos Time is a proper hifi device and should be setup accordingly. Proper cabling and supports should be employed where possible. However, if you are on a tight upgrade path or perhaps restricted to using computer audio and a headphone amp at the moment, the Eos Time can be used as a stunningly good upgrade investment now, with so much potential if you have plans to grow your system later. 

In a proper mid-fi level setup, adding an Eos Time might not seem the obvious choice for an upgrade but once you consider the logic, this device may actually bubble up to the top of your list. By re-clocking your digital stream you will be giving your downstream system such an improved data stream to work with that all elements of performance will be significantly lifted and perhaps niggling faults will be wiped away at a single stroke. Later upgrades of downstream equipment become more effective too – avoiding the problem of trying better amps say, and being dissapointed as they only reveal more strongly faults at the source.

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