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Air Anyone? The Modi Turntable & Thor Tonearm From Bergmann

For each of us, a critical aspect our passion for hifi is price and budget. Unless we're very fortunate, there's no getting away from it. But there are also the elements of passion, pride of ownership, value for money, performance – and 'grail'. So sometimes we decide to save, and build up a budget for something special.

The Modi/Thor air bearing turntable and linear tracking tonearm combination costs £10,950.

You can pick up a reasonable refurbished Sondek LP12/Lingo/Ittok combo for around £3k, but they're common and people flip them like old watches. And it's a similar story with other brands such as Michell. And they're all sort of built the same – conventional bearings, pivoted arms, bouncy suspension – that makes them all sound rather similar too.

Meanwhile, in a very smart factory in Denmark, we have Bergmann carving a very different (linear) path. And the first thing to say is that this different path sounds different. Sounds superb. You can hear a fundamental architectural change in the music – better flow, better stability and better consistency. After a few days listening you become more and more aware of how many serious limitations have been removed with the Bergmann approach.

So, where does this leave you dear customer? Well, with a dilemma. Do you upgrade again with one of those traditional designs, or do you first seriously investigate the Bergmann alternative? Of course, we urge you to do the latter because you might just miss out on your next passion, or grail, if you don't.

Start by clicking below to find out all about the Modi & Thor, and then please do give us a call to discuss a demonstration.

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