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My first post for Winters Audio

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

So here I am. Way past the point of designing and building hifi for a living, fighting for elevator space at hifi shows, or trying to agree a schedule with a hifi journalist. Instead, l've moved to the Isle of Wight and started a small business developing websites for people.

But then Ob came along and spoiled it all by asking me to collaborate with the development of Winters Audio. I couldn't resist of course.

So at the moment I'm deep into the Winters Audio website – building content for new brands, working through all the 'look and feel' stuff, and plenty of SEO too. Ob and I have had lots of conversations about how to present high-end products, particularly what and how much to write. So we've decided not to use the usual website 'store' and 'buy' e-commerce systems because they are quite limited in what information they can present and all look the same too. Instead I'm using a Content Management System so I can build far more meaningful text and add nice images for each significant product. And besides, as high end consultants working with high end customers, we're not expecting anyone to just 'add to cart' a £20k or £40k product. Instead we are expecting customers to call and have discussions and arrange demos. So I'm building the content to be a part of the consultation process, talking about the design and technology in each item and what we think of it, how it should be used and so on. We also discuss more about the brands, where they're coming from in terms of their design philosophies, and even about the people behind the brands.

Exciting stuff and I'm delighted to be part of it. More updates and news soon.

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