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The New Gryphon Diablo 333

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Yep, we're starting to get real excited here – our demo Diablo 333 is due to arrive next week.

The Diablo of course has had a long history as Gryphon's top integrated amplifier. The original Diablo was around certainly in 2009 to my recollection, and it was brilliant back then. Since then I have always tracked the progression of Gryphon, watched their technical developments and often popped into their rooms at hifi shows for another listen. Now I'm part of Winters Audio, and Gryphon is one of our lead brands, I am of course getting fully up to speed with all their latest advancements.

The new Apex Power Amplifiers and Commander Preamplifier are new statement products playing right at the top of the world order. The considerable leaps in the technology of those models have partly flowed down into the new 333 – new transistor technology and improvements to shunt voltage regulators are just a couple of the many improvements that have been implemented in this new Diablo.

There's more power of course, backed up by greatly improved power supplies. But it is the culmination of redesign and refinement throughout this integrated amp that has lifted the musical performance to new levels for the Diablo, and probably any integrated amp in existence. Add in the striking design and beautiful fit and finish and the new 333 is also a treasure to behold.

And finally, one other thing comes to mind with the long history of Gryphon that I have observed, and that is capability as a manufacturer. Building amplifiers on the scale of the Apex for example is no simple task. And then there's reliability and service that you can depend on. We recently took in an old pre-owned Atilla Integrated Amp (in production 2009 - 2016) and it had run sweet as a nut since the day it was first unboxed.

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