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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Ikeda Kai MC Cartridge

Gorgeously natural sounding Cartridge

Low Hours - Ex-demo

Our Price £3,995 (£5,795)

About the Ikeda Kai

Sound Labs new KAI Reference MC Cartridge is the highlight of over four decades of experiences in cartridge design. The KAI is designed to rank amongst the very best out there together with Lyra Atlas and Goldfinger Statement. It represents Ikeda san’s  four decades plus of experiences in cartridge design. The KAI represents his  finest masterpiece ever made in his entire analog career. The new KAI  moving coil cartridge is the culmination of technology and craftsmanship  to now represent his best efforts to date.


  • Electromagnetic Generator : Moving Coil (MC)

  • Output Voltage : 0.19mVrms (1kHz 35.4mm/sec. at 45° peak)

  • Coil Impedance : 2.5 ohms.(1kHz)

  • Appropriate Stylus Force : 1.8 grams ± 0.2 grams

  • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz ~ 45kHz.

  • Channel Separation : over 27dB (1kHz)

  • Channel Balance: within 1.0dB (1kHz)

  • Stylus Chip : Micro-ridge sold pure diamond.

  • Cantilever: made of Boron

  • Weight : 11.5 grams

  • Compliance : 7 x 10-6 cm/dyne

The Winters Audio Experience

The Kai sound was as effective with jazz as with hard rock, classical and folk. It upholds Ikeda's well-deserved  reputation for expertise and finesse in the reproduction of voices, while expanding the brand's reach into the deepest, darkest, brightest  corners of every other conceivable cartridge performance parameter. We find the Ikeda Kai handles the intense sibilants of closely miked voices with clarity and  ease, producing natural detail without softening or smearing, while  allowing the full development of vocal textures and tonalities.  At this price you simply can't buy better.

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