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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

REL 212 SE Sub

One owner, gorgeous finish, sublime performance.

Excellent condition, no box, pick up only (Norfolk UK)

Our Price £1,995 (RRP £4.495)

About the 212 SE

The 212 SE uses two 12" Continuous CastTM Alloy Bass Engines that bought critical acclaim to the Series S subs, altering them slightly for this twin front-firing configuration. These twin actives are responsible for 212 SE’s incredible speed and tactility. The Continuous Cast drivers have low moving mass while maintaining rigidity, producing far more speed and precision than prior REL designs. And furthermore, these twin 12″ drivers are partnered with two matching 12″ passives to provide an exceptional sense of power and speed . And that power comes from the onboard REL NextGen3 1,000W (1,700 peak) digital amplifier – quite simply, enough power to drive just about any domestic listening room.


  • Drive units: 2× 300mm long-throw Continuous Cast Alloy cone (active), 2× 300mm Continuous Cast Alloy cone (passive)

  • Connections: High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA, SMA for wireless antenna

  • Amplification: 1kW, ‘next gen’ Class D

  • Finish: Piano black

  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 44.5×81.6×51cm

  • Weight: 55.3kg

The Winters Audio Experience

We're gonna need a bigger boat...

Okay, lets get the first obvious thing out the way – this REL sub is not really suitable for small rooms. Let's qualify that a bit, you can put it in a home cinema, or in a fairly small room and blast out enough bass to bore tunnels, but you would be missing the point of the 212 SE. It's actually a subtle machine when used properly. In the context of an already near-to-full-range system in a medium+ sized room (where it can breathe), it can be tuned in with great precision to take advantage of its excellent extension, well damped amplification and great speed, to get a truly integrated result.

When this is done, the results can be profound in every musical regard. The mids and highs of good speakers sound even better, the soundstage improves because there is a much greater sense of auditorium and airmass, and pace and timing improve too. The very deepest notes are strenthened greatly of course, but gentle tuning-in is the name of the game with this incredibly sophisticated sub. 

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