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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

TW Acustic Raven AC Turntable

Ex-demo, beautiful to behold, sublime sound.

Low hours, excellent condition.

Our Price £call (RRP £13,150)

About the Raven AC Turntable

TW Acoustic is a German company, and one that has all the in-house resources for end-to-end design and manufatcure of the highest level of precision engineering. The Raven is a high-mass design that majors on precision and speed stability, plus low vibration with it's seperate motor and prossessor controlled power supply. 

The letters AC in the name stands for Ars Cyprium, which is Roman for Copper. The Raven's platter is a structure of copper and a delrin-based proprietary resin, said to offer great performance benefits. Platter drive is via a maintenance-free belt from the isolated motor. And the armboard is cast from bronze to ensure very precise and rigid tonearm mounting. 

The arm is the excellent Raven 10.5, and the cartridge is...


  • Weight – Chassis: 30 kg, Platter: 10 kg, Motor unit: 3 kg, Motor control unit: 2 kg

  • Dimensions – 450 mm x 400 mm (W x D), Motor diameter: 119 mm, Total footprint: 600 mm x 400 mm (W x D)

  • Chassis constructionMaterial: 60 mm TW ACUSTIC's proprietary Delrin-based compound, stainless disk rigidly screwed to chassis.

  • Platter construction – Material: 10 mm copper in combination with 60 mm of our special compound let into and screwed together.

  • Bearing – Bronze bearing, 16 mm hard metal shaft with ball on top, running on a thrust washer of 'Material S ® (green)'.

  • Motor – Case made from stainless steel and delrin.

  • Motor control unit – controlled by a microcontroller, cadaptable of 3 motor drive (for 3 motor upgrade).

  • Armboard – up to four tonearms may be fitted.

  • FeetThree, delrin and ball, height adjustable.


Effective length – 267 mm (10.5 inch).

Effective mass – 14g.

Bearing – dual pivot type - high precision bearings.

Materials – special black anodised aluminium, counterweight stainless steel.

Adjustments –VTA adjuster (+/- 5 mm), azimuth by rotation of headshell, overhang by position of cartridge.

Antiskate – magnetic antiskate with adjustment.

The Winters Audio Experience

This is German engineering at it's best...

Owning a high-end turntable is very special. The look of the thing, the joy of using it, the detail of the precision machining. Then there's the sound – that unfathamable ability of a great turntable to make records sound better than you ever though records could. There's an uncanny strength, openness and lack of artiface sugh as surface noise or speed instability with the sound. And a turntable of this quality also sets the stage for better cartriges, phono stages and so-on.

One element of particular interest with this turntable is that it's upgrade-ready to add the TW Acoustics three motor system. The power supply already has the provision, so by adding the extra motors that the company offer as a kit, the owner has the option to take this turntable to the next level. So at the price we are offering, this is an incredible upgrade just waiting to be had, and with the Raven's ability to be further upgraded to three-motor drive, it represents a very cost effective investment on the path to stratospheric performance.

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