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Pre-Owned and Ex-Demo

Vertex AQ Silver Aneto DC blocker

New old stock, DC blocker and RFI filter, can fix mains problems.

Very good condition.

Our Price £799 (RRP £1,270)

About the Vertex AQ Aneto

One of the specialist designs from the original Vertex AQ company. Vertex AQ produced mains products for all sorts of hifi applications and this one employs the usual types of cabling, casework and connectors used right across the product range. The difference here is that as well as solid silver wiring and a very effective shunt RFI filter, the Aneto also contains a DC blocking circuit. With an IEC Inlet socket on the case, and an IEC outlet plug on the end of the captive lead, the Aneto is used in series with a normal mains lead.


  • 99.99% solid core silver wire used throughout

  • PTFE air-tube dielectric used throughout

  • high speed shunt RFI filter

  • Series passive DC blocker

  • Rated 240V 13A

  • Captive lead length 0.5m

The Winters Audio Experience

Your frustration with vairiable performance might be over...

Sometimes we work and work at a system – great components and great speakers, good supports and good cabling and sometimes it sounds great. But then, in the early evenings say, we just want to relax for a good listen, and the system sounds off. It's lost that sparkle and a bit of the drive, it sounds a bit flat and there's a little harsh edge there too. Could this be a variable mains problem? Well, yes it might.

There are two main problems that can significantly increase at peak hours. Radio Frequency Interference and DC offset. All the digital electronics and higher power demands (such as freezers and dish washers) in your neighbourhood add all that noise and DC offset. DC offset is where the power is no longer going plus and minus about zero, but plus and minus about a voltage a bit above or a bit below zero – so there is a standing DC component to the mains waveform.

So preventing noise and DC getting to your system can have huge benefits. Lower RF noise reduces glare and harshness, and increases transparency, air and space around instruments and vocals. Reducing DC offset often lowers distortion in power supplies through lower heating (DC will increase heat in transformers), and lower acoustic propagation from offset humming (even if you can't hear it directly), increasing bass response, drive, propulsion and dynamics. 

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